7 Ways to Make $ Online in the Next 90 Days

7 Ways to Make $ Online in the Next 90 Days

To many people, making money online can seem like an impossible task. For others, they expect it to be an overnight journey where you should instantly start making cash with no real work.

In reality, it’s somewhere in the middle.

It really is possible for absolutely anybody to start making money online, within the next 90 days, and with less than a $500 investment.
However, it is not an overnight scheme or a super simple task, and should be treated like an actual business venture.

If you’re ready and willing to put in a bit of work, start with an investment of less than $500, and give it a real shot – then read on. The following are 7 different methods I have seen people use to start making money online within a 90 day period.
If they can do it, you can too!

If you prefer to watch video rather than read, then you can watch the video version of this post below!

Method 1: Kindle Publishing

This is the primary method that I used to make enough money online to quit my job. This isn’t an instant method, and you will need to invest a little bit of time and money to begin, but it is my favourite of the 7 methods I talk about in this post.
The best thing about it is that it truly is passive income once your book is up for sale on Amazon.
Simply, this method involves finding a good niche to publish a book on, pay someone to write a short book (or write it yourself), get a cover created, publish the book on Amazon, get the book some reviews and do some promotions. Then, you’re done! It’s up there and it’s live, making some cash! Then it’s time to rinse and repeat, hire some virtual assistants, and scale it to a large size!
You can easily make money online with this method within the next 90 days and less than a $500 investment. You don’t even need to write the books yourself!
If you’d like to get started with this message then head to www.freedomselfpublishing.com to learn more!

Method 2: Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a method that I’ve recently been learning about and experimenting with.
Essentially it involves creating a website (I recommend using shopify), selling products within a particular niche. You then contact suppliers in your country and put in a wholesale/dropship application. You upload their products to your website and begin selling!
When you sell an item at the retail price on your website, you collect the money and then pass on the order to the supplier. You pay them up front at the wholesales price (and you keep the difference) and pass on the customer’s details. They ship the item direct to the customer and you never handle any stock.
Now, you can set up a store for less than a couple of hundred dollars. There is free information out there about how to dropship online, so it is possible to do this without a course.
However, I would highly recommend signing up to www.dropshiplifestyle.com
It makes the process so simple, and you get access to thousands of other members who have successful stores and they can help you on your way.
The course isn’t cheap, but if you have the money to spend I would highly recommend it. Go through the course and it’s definitely possible to be making sales within 90 days of starting!

Method 3: eBay

This is the first way I ever made money online!
It’s pretty straightforward and quick to get started.
It’s free to make an account, although you will be limited by the amount of items you can sell to begin with.
You can get started by simply selling old things that you no longer want! Another way would be to go to thrift stores or garage sales, finding under-priced items, buying them and listing them on eBay. This is a really simple way to make an extra couple of hundred dollars a week.
If you’d like to build a larger, more scaleable eBay business then I’d head to somewhere like www.aliexpress.com and source products there to buy and re-sell on eBay.

Method 4: eBay Dropshipping

This method combines methods 2 and 3.
I learned this method through David Vu’s Udemy course that you can check out by clicking ‘HERE‘.
Basically you list items on eBay that you can find for sale on places like Walmart’s website. You charge slightly more for the product when you sell it on eBay, then when you sell it you just head to the website (in this case it would be Walmart). You purchase the item, ask for it to be sent as a gift, and provide the customers shipping information.
The method is super simple and doesn’t take much time at all.
There are thousands of successful students of David’s Udemy course. This isn’t a method that will make you a fortune, but it’s definitely to build a monthly side income of $500-$1000 very quickly!
The only cost involved is taking David’s Udemy course, which for under $40 I would highly recommend!

Method 5: Freelancing

Freelancing is an extremely popular method for making money online.
Essentially you are offering to do a job for somebody on a once-off or possibly recurring basis. You are not an employee, and are technically your own boss.
Personally I’m not a huge fan of this method because it involves trading your time for money.
However, it can be a great way to earn a side, or even full-time income online!
If you have a certain set of skills that people would be interested in, then you might want to consider using this method!
I would recommend using www.upwork.com or www.fiverr.com to start offering your services!

Method 6: Create a Product or Service

This is another method that I have personally tried and tested.
I believe that everybody is an expert in at least one thing. Chances are that someone else out there is interested in learning the skills that you have.
What you can do here is create your own course, information product, or service. You could also just identify a pain point that people have an create a digital product that solves it.
Personally, I used Optimize Press to create my own website to sell my product, but you can also offer training courses and products through www.udemy.com

Method 7: Coaching/Consulting

Method 7 is something that I’ve recently experimented with.
Once again, if you have a level of expertise in a particular area, people will likely pay you to learn about that area.
You can sell your time through coaching or consulting packages that can be done over skype.
This is a really simple method!
The one thing I would recommend here however is to make sure that you do not undervalue yourself. Make sure you charge a decent amount for your coaching/consulting to make sure that it’s worthwhile for you, and also to weed out the people that aren’t really serious!

That’s it – 7 different methods for making money online within the next 90 days with little up-front investment!
Get started with one of these and give it a real shot and you’ll be surprised at the results.
Once you’ve made your first dollar online, the sky really is the limit.

Give it a go, good luck, and enjoy the freedom that working for yourself online can provide!

Adrian Ingram

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