April 2016: Monthly Progress Report

April 2016: Monthly Progress Report

April has come and gone, and wow it has gone sooo fast! It feels like just yesterday I was landing in Chiang Mai. Yet, when I look back on the past month, I’ve actually done quite a bit and met a heap of cool people!
For the start of the month I was in Bangkok for a few days, then I headed to Kuala Lumpur for 3 days, before heading to Chiang Mai on the 7th. The first week of the month was pretty damn unproductive due to all the travel and limited internet, but I’ve managed to settle in quickly in Chiang Mai and get into a good routine.

Once again this month I’ll be splitting the first half of the post into a goals report, and the second part into a breakdown of my expenses.

Let’s get into it!

    PART 1 – GOALS

Fitness Goals:

* Squat 200KGS
* Deadlift 220KG
* Bench Press 110KG
* Dunk with 2 hands

The first half of the month I made zero progress on these goals. I had no gym in Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur, but I did end up signing up to a gym in Chiang Mai.
The gym I joined is called GoGym and is in the Nimman area, just off of the Super Highway. It’s about 5 minutes away and only costs 900baht per month! It’s massive, open air, and is a bit of a hardcore gym. You can deadlift and squat using truck tyres as weights, and there’s also a bar section which is awesome!

I’ve only gotten to the gym 5 or 6 times so far, so I haven’t been consistent – but it’s nice to be working out. I feel so much calmer, focused, and relaxed for the next couple of days after working out. I’ve written a new strength program, and will be looking to get into it consistently over the next couple of months!

Next up is Business/Financial Goals:
* Launch Freedom Self Publishing
• Reach 1000 YouTube subscribers
• Reach 50,000 Instagram followers
• Reach 100+ blog posts
• Reach 100+ YouTube videos
• Reach 1000+ Instagram posts
• Launch 2 Dropship stores
• Make $50,000+ from Kindle books while working on Kindle business fewer than 4 hours per week
• Reach $5000+ a month in profit from dropshipping stores
• Run a Kindle seminar/mastermind
• Increase income to $1000 a day
* Publish 12 books under my own name

Freedom Self Publishing has been slowly growing without much advertising this month. I also launched a related product this month: Kindle Coaching! You don’t need to be a member of the course, and you can sign up here: http://www.drivenliving.com/coaching/

So far I’ve had 2 people sign up in the first week and things are going well. It’s not something I want to do too often, and won’t be taking on many clients, so spots are limited. If you’re interested in a coaching session then send an email to: adrian.j.ingram@gmail.com

With YouTube, I added another 10 videos which brings the total to 52! Over halfway to that goal which is great.
My subscriber base also grew from 55 to 89! That’s 34 new subscribers which I’m so happy about! Thanks to all of my new subscribers, and if you haven’t yet, check out my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-CsitUAKiJQkTHsqjeW8IA

I also did an interview with my mate Garvan from One Percent Daily. He had me on is YouTube channel for an interview which was great fun. You can have a look at the interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xddVlx8qso8

I was a bit slack with this Blog and didn’t add many new posts. I only added 4 new posts which brings the total to 33. I have 77 left to reach the target for the year. I’d like to post a bit more often this year, but when I have other projects they take precedence. I also want to make sure I am posting quality things, and not rush them! I’m slowly getting more and more people following the blog which is great. Blogging is definitely a long-term game, and it’s something that doesn’t bring me any extra money but I do really enjoy it! If you’re thinking about starting a blog, I could not recommend it enough. I wish I’d started this years ago!

With Instagram I’ve been very slack this month. I’ve been getting followers but I know they aren’t high quality compared to YouTube subscribers or emails on a list. People follow so many pages on Instagram without interaction, so I’ve started focusing on it a lot less.
Nonetheless, I now have 271 posts on Instagram which is only 21 posts for the month, but my followers have grown from 3751 all the way up to 4336 which is 585 new followers for the month!
You can check out my Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/driven.living/

I made some great progress on Dropshipping this month! It’s been my main focus, and I’ve really enjoyed the challenge!
This was my first month of really focusing on it, and I’ve managed to call and secure several suppliers which is awesome! I was a bit nervous about calling suppliers but did well and convinced just about every person to give me a shot at selling their products!

I wanted to launch the website by May 1st but unfortunately some of these companies move extremely slowly. I’ve actually had several of them post me physical product information packs that are over 100 pages, instead of simply emailing me. Australia still hasn’t completely warmed up to E-Commerce which can be frustrating but also represents a great opportunity for me.

If you want to follow along with my dropship progress, then take a look at this video that I made about what I’ve done so far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dv0v4i3H2Vw

If you want to sign up to the course I used to learn about dropshipping then head to www.dropshiplifestyle.com

I also organized a meet up with 3 other people in Chiang Mai who are doing dropshipping through DSL, which was great! Coincidentally, they all happened to be Aussies which was great. We grabbed pizza and a couple of beers and talked about e-commerce for a few hours. I think I’d like to make this a regular thing, so if you’re doing dropshipping and you’re out in Chiang Mai then leave me a comment or message me on Facebook and I’ll get you along to the meetups!
I should have my store live very, very soon, and am excited to see how it goes!

Kindle Income has been okay this month, making around $3000 profit. I’ll profit around $30,000 – $40,000 net from it for the year which I’m more than happy with since it’s completely passive income. Combine that with my income from Freedom Self Publishing and also my Coaching, and Kindle will make me over $50,000 for the year. That’s nothing to complain about at all!
I’m also working on a Kindle case study right now behind the scenes where I publish another 4 books, which should hopefully make me some more money each month. I’ll be releasing the case study as a video series in the coming months so stay tuned for that!

A Kindle mastermind/event is still a while off. As Freedom Self Publishing grows I will get closer and closer to setting something up. Perhaps this will happen towards the end of the year.

Increasing my income to $1000 a day is still a way off, but I think it’s a great goal. I started the year with just 1 income source which was Kindle Publishing.
Already I’ve increased that to 3 which are Kindle books, Freedom Self Publishing, and Coaching. This month it will hopefully increase to 4 if my first dropship store is a success. By the end of the year I’d love to have 6 or 7 income streams. As they say, many streams create a river!

I started working on a new book under my own name during April, but didn’t write much at all. I don’t think I’ll end up writing 12 books for the year, but perhaps 5 or 6. I already have 2 that are on Kindle Publishing which you can get here:
Book 1: Kindle Publishing
Book 2: Kindle Back-End Strategies

Now, it’s time for Lifestyle/Personal Goals:
* Read 70+ Books
• Spend 5+ months overseas
• Go to Bali
• Go to Koh Phangan, Thailand
• Go to Bangkok, Thailand
Go to Chiang Mai, Thailand
• Go to Vietnam
• Buy a gold watch
• Get a Chrysler 300 SRT8
• Become conversational in Russian

I really didn’t manage to read a lot this month. I’ve been busy working, traveling, partying and just doing stuff! I love reading but I’ve got to make more time for it.
I did manage to read Retire Young Retire Rich by Robert Kiyosaki

It really is a great book. In fact, all of the Rich Dad books that I’ve read have been great. Rich Dad Poor Dad was a book that really helped to change my perspective when I was 18. Most people out in Chiang Mai reference The 4-Hour Workweek as being a book that shaped them, but for me the 2 books that helped me the most are Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Millionaire Fastlane
If you want to be an entrepreneur, make more money, or just figure out what you want from life then do yourself a favour and check out those 2 books!

This month I went from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur, and then to Chiang Mai! KL wasn’t on my goal list, but it’s a new place to have visited which is cool! I didn’t particularly like it that much, and I think 3 days was enough for me. I did however love the food! There’s a really diverse culture there where you can get great Indian, Arabic, Indonesian, Chinese, and Malaysian food!

My Russian has definitely improved this last month as well! I took about 10 days off of Russian for the start of the month, simply because my internet in Bangkok and KL was too slow to load my Russian lessons.
Since then I’ve been quite consistent and have almost finished 6 units (out of 18) of the Russian Accelerator program. By the completion of the program I should be conversational in Russian and I hope to finish all the lessons by the time I head home to Melbourne in August/September. I also completed 8 more Pimsleur Audios which I don’t find that helpful, but they are great for listening practice.
Most importantly I’m still enjoying learning Russian. I think I’ll head there in 2017 so it will be great to be decent at speaking the language by then. In 2017 I think I’ll try and learn some Spanish, which should be an easier challenge than Russian! I think at the end of my life I’d love to be able to look back and say that I learned to speak multiple languages. It really is an amazing thing that allows you to communicate better with other people, and really understand their cultures.

I haven’t made any big purchases, but by the end of the year I’d definitely love to buy a nice gold watch. I would like to have a Chrysler 300 but if I’m planning to travel a lot then it is quite hard to justify.

That’s it for my progress for the month.
I’ve made steady progress on most things, and I’ve managed to meet a bunch of people and have a blast along the way. I’m really not sure when I’ll head back home to Australia!

Now, onto the expenses for the month!


The first week of the month was expensive because I was In Bangkok, and KL, and had to pay for 2 flights.
* 2 International Flights cost me = $275AUD
• Accommodation in Bangkok for 3 nights = $90AUD
• Accommodation in KL for 3 nights = $60AUD
• Money spent on food, transport, partying in Bangkok/KL = $300

Total spent over the first 7 days = $725AUD

Traveling is expensive! When I’m staying at the same place all the time, it gets a whole lot cheaper – but seeing new places is well worth the extra expense.

The rest of the month I’ve been in Chiang Mai where my expenses were approximately as follows:

• I spent the first 2 nights in Chiang Mai in a hotel which cost me = 1500 Baht
• Apartment rental for 1 month = 6000 Baht
• Motorbike Rental for 1 month = 2300 Baht
• Food & Water (Average of 220 Baht per day over 23 days) = 5000Baht
• Partying/Alcohol = 3000 Baht
• Random Transport = 250 Baht
• Gym Membership = 900 Baht
• Laundry = 400 Baht
• Coworking Space = 3500 Baht

The Chiang Mai expense for about 3 weeks comes to a total of = 22,850 BAHT
That equates to:
AUD = $860
USD = $654
GBP = 448

My expenses were quite a lot higher this month than I expect it to be over the long-term in Chiang Mai.
I’ll write a blog post very soon about the cost of living here, because it can definitely be done on the cheap. I honestly think my long-term expenses here will rarely exceed $1000AUD.
It was Songkran this month which is the Thai New Year so I went out for that, plus another couple of time for a bit of a party. I’ll definitely be going out less over the coming months so that expense will also be lower.

My first 7 days of the month nearly cost me as much as the remainder of my time here, but the travel costs aren’t going to be a regular expense as I stay here. May will definitely be a much more economical month.

In total for the month I spent approximately…
AUD = $1585
USD = $1205
GBP = 825

While these expenses are a lot higher than I would like, it’s amazing how cheap it really is. I’m staying at a great place with a pool, have a gym membership, have a motorbike, am using a great coworking space, eat out every single day, have partied, have been on 2 international flights and have stayed in 4 different hotels/apartments for the month!

I profited approximately $3500 for the month between Kindle, Coaching, and Freedom Self Publishing. My business expenses were a little higher because I had to pay for some dropshipping setup expenses, and I also ran some Facebook ads.
My income is no way near where I’d like it to be, but I still managed to save approximately $2000 for the month.

If you’re making the excuse that traveling is too expensive, then stop. It really isn’t if you head to a place like Chiang Mai. Honestly, it can be way cheaper than staying in a Western country and your quality of life will be a lot higher!
I’m loving life right now, living the dream and am super excited to see what May has in store for me.

Hopefully I can make a ton more progress, and have a great time doing it.
Thanks for reading along and following the journey, big things are coming so stay tuned!

Adrian Ingram

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