Bali Trip

Hey guys!
How’s your 2016 going so far?

Mine has started off great, and I’m currently living it up in sunny Bali, Indonesia.

The best thing is, that I’m working less than 15 minutes per day right now and am still making money. In fact, I’m making enough money to cover my entire holiday and still bring home a profit! Obviously my business isn’t growing in 15 minutes a day, and it took a lot of work to reach that point – but it’s where it’s at now and I’m loving it!

That’s the power of making money online, particularly through a semi-passive method such as Kindle Publishing!

I’ve got 10 days here and while I could be working more, I’ve decided I need a break. Sometimes you just need to recharge the batteries.

I’ve had my first drink in 4 months, which was a great way to celebrate my efforts in maintaining my diet and improving my health. With that being said I’m trying not to go overboard and undo much of the work I’ve put in thus far to get my health back up to scratch.


First beer in 4 months = a bintang

I’ve been in Bali now for 6 days. It’s my second time being here and I love it. It’s beautiful, cheap and there’s so much to buy! I came here with an almost empty suitcase and have been buying all of my summer clothes for the year. Since I’ll be spending most of the year in tropical climates, it’s a whole lot of shorts and singlets, all for around $2-$3 an item.

So far on the trip I’ve done a few activities and had a driver take me and my friend around the island to all the tourist spots. Other than that I’ve got to spend a good amount of time relaxing by the pool/beach and resting up.
I’m feeling good and once it’s time to head back home I’ll be full of energy to tackle all of my 2016 goals!

Anyways, that’s what I’ve been up to on this trip. If you haven’t been to Bali, I do recommend it. It’s an insanely affordable holiday, especially if you’re only heading there from Australia! Just be aware that the internet isn’t fast or reliable. With that being said there are a few co-working spaces popping up with better connections, and more and more people are heading here to live & work online.

Until next time,

Adrian Ingram

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