Dropshipping in Australia: My Progress So Far

Dropshipping in Australia: My Progress So Far

I’ve been working on a dropshipping store for the last few weeks, and thought I’d give a bit of an update on my progress thus far and what my plans are.

Why Dropshipping?
I’ve been focused on Kindle for so long, and really wanted to diversify and try something that doesn’t rely on Amazon.
I know a few people doing dropshipping successfully and it doesn’t cost much to start up, so I thought I’d give it a crack!
I signed up to the course they recommend (www.dropshiplifestyle.com) and have been using it to learn all about dropshipping! The course is not cheap, but it breaks the process down into simple steps which saves a lot of time.

What I’ve Done So Far
The first step I took was niche research. I came up with a long list of potential niches, and eventually narrowed it down to my final choice. I think I’ve chosen a great niche in a growing industry so hopefully I’ve picked a winner!
Next I signed up to Shopify, and bought my domain name and hosting.
I watched a ton of the DSL videos about Shopify and began working on my test site.

A test site is basically an example of what your site will look like when finished. I did some research on the product I’d like to sell and uploaded them to this test site. The purpose behind this is:
1. The framework for my site is complete so it will be quick to add new products
2. I can show potential suppliers what the website will look like

I also set up domain emails for my website, and signed up for an Australian Skype phone number. I’m out in Chiang Mai right now, but as far as anyone knows I’m making and receiving calls in Melbourne.

The last 2 days I have been contacting suppliers over the phone and via email, trying to convince them to let me sell their products. So far I have a couple of them locked in, and am in discussions with several others which are going very well. If all goes to plan, in around a weeks time I’ll have a bunch of suppliers signed on, have their products uploaded, and be able to launch the website!

Dropshipping isn’t really a thing in Australia like it is in USA.
A lot of the retail industry are dinosaurs and still think that brick and mortar is the way to go. A lot of companies still don’t have a real online presence, or have a terrible website that they likely paid waaaay too much to get made.
I’ve had to explain dropshipping to a couple of suppliers with mixed responses, but luckily my niche is quite a forward-thinking category so for the most part people have been willing to consider it without too much arm-twisting which is great!

Personally, I love sales. If I had to have a job (God forbid) then it would be a sales job. With that being said, it’s been a long time since I’ve had to cold-call anyone! The first couple of phone calls I made I was a bit nervous, but soon enough I had no issue calling and selling myself and my business to some massive suppliers.
Challenges haven’t been too bad so far, and this model seems quite simple and straight-forward thus far.

What’s Next?
I plan to have my website live by May 1st. That’s the aim.
I will continue adding more and more suppliers as I go, but I should have enough products to start by then. I will then optimize my product listings, improve and tweak my website, and start running ads!

I am giving this dropshipping business 60 days to see if it works or not. June 20th is my deadline. If I’m not making sales and profiting from them by then, I will most likely shut down the website and move on to either a different niche, or something totally different.
if I am making sales and am profitable, I aim to have the website optimised by that point, so that it’s working optimally and requiring only a small amount of work each day. Either way, 60 days is the deadline I’ve set.

I know that the dropshipping model works. I know multiple people making this work all over the world, and I know people who have quit their job thanks to dropshipping.
I also know a lot of people who have been unsuccessful with dropshipping.
A lot of it comes down to niche selection.
While I am confident with my niche, and feel that I’ve picked a winner – I could be wrong.

I hope to be able to earn at least $1000 per month from this store. Ideally I’d like for it to be closer to $4000 per month, but I really cannot forecast what my sales and profit will be.
Anything over $1000 would be a great additional income, and would cover all of my living expenses out in Chiang Mai!

Here’s a video version of what I’ve been up to so far with Dropshipping!

I’ll keep all of you readers updated with my progress as I continue building this business, and hopefully you can follow along and see me build a profitable business within a couple of months!

Until next time,

Adrian Ingram

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  1. Hey Adrian, thanks for the post. I have signed up for drop ship lifestyle and am about to embark on the journey from Australia. Are the suppliers you are contacting Australian or foreign?

    • Hey Greg,
      Awesome work on signing up, I’ll see you in the forums!
      They’re Australian suppliers I’m contacting.
      A lot of the manufacturing is based overseas, but there are official Australian importers/wholesalers that I’ve been contacting.
      Good luck with the store!

  2. Hi Adrian,

    Cool post! I’ve checked out quite a bit of the DSL stuff but haven’t joined any specific course. I’m in South Africa and I’ve just finished building a site for drop shipping. Not many people know much about drop shipping this side either so I’ve had to try and explain a lot.

    Are you using 3rd party courier services to get your products from the supplier to the customer? or do your suppliers already provide shipping solutions? I have found this to be quite an issue my side as suppliers do not have distribution solutions for single orders or at least its not worthwhile for them.

    • Hey Sean,
      thanks for commenting.

      Some suppliers already have a distribution network up, but for some I am organising a shipping company to pick up the products from the supplier, and deliver to the customer.
      In Australia there is a company called Sendle that handles these kind of single orders at a good price. Im not sure if South Africa has a similar system.

  3. Hi there,
    Good luck in doing this! any updates?
    I’m currently in Australia and looking at setting up drop shipping to become location independent, I know I can make this work I guess its hard trying to establish a reliable and trustworthy place to buy online especially when first starting.

    One thing is I’m very customer focused and driven and I think that’s the area that will excel me forward in this industry only thing that concerns me is fraud / chargebacks or friendly fraud as majority of the times banks will always side with the customer not the merchant have you had any issues with this?

    What is your site btw?


  4. Hey,
    Thanks mate. I’ll have a new YouTube update video coming soon, so stay tuned!

    My store still isn’t live so I can’t really comment on the chargebacks or anything. I know there are some services you can sign up for on Shopify that will protect you against any fraudulent orders and they charge something like 1% of the purchase price.

    Most people don’t share their sites/niches for obvious reasons.

    Cheers mate

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