February 2016: Monthly Progress Report

February has come and gone! It’s time for another monthly progress report to see how I’ve gone with my yearly goals for the month of February.

Once again, let’s start with Fitness Goals:

* Squat 200KGS
* Deadlift 220KG
* Bench Press 110KG
* Dunk with 2 hands

I got back to the gym in Melbourne a little more in the month of February, but still no massive progress on these goals. I’ve just got to Koh Phangan in Thailand, and will be looking for a gym today! I’m feeling a lot better health-wise than last month, and am ready to go! I’m only a couple of inches off on the dunking goal, which is frustrating. So close, but so far! There’s not many basketball courts in Thailand to test this goal on, so I’m just going to train towards it and then test as soon as I get the chance.

Next up, Business/Financial Goals:

Launch Freedom Self Publishing course
• Reach 1000 YouTube subscribers
• Reach 50,000 Instagram followers
• Reach 100+ blog posts
• Reach 100+ YouTube videos
• Reach 1000+ Instagram posts
• Launch 2 Dropship stores
• Make $50,000+ from Kindle books while working on Kindle business fewer than 4 hours per week
• Reach $5000+ a month in profit from dropshipping stores
• Run a Kindle seminar/mastermind
• Increase income to $1000 a day

I’ve started to make some progress with these goals, and I’m happy to say that I launched Freedom Self Publishing on the 27th of February! I’ve had a few people sign up which is great, but there’s still plenty of room for more. If you want to start making money online then head to www.freedomselfpublishing.com while it’s still available at the low launch price!

I’ve been putting out a bit of content on YouTube and now have 31 videos compared to last months 23.
My YouTube subscribers also grew from 25 up to 34! It’s not a huge growth, but I’m happy to have more people following along. A big shout-out to the new subscribers – you rock! If you haven’t subscribed, you can check out my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-CsitUAKiJQkTHsqjeW8IA

I now have 193 posts on Instagram which is 43 more than last month. I didn’t post quite as much as I wanted to but I’ll try to improve on that in March. I now have 3622 Instagram followers which is 406 new followers for the month! The target of 50,000 subscribers is still a long way off, but I’ll be implementing some strategies to get some more subscribers this month. You can take a look at the Driven Living Instagram page by clicking HERE or searching for driven.living on Instagram! If you want to know how I get more Instagram followers then check out the blog post I wrote about it HERE.

I published 5 new blog posts for February, bringing the total to 23 blog posts. I’ll be putting out a lot more content on here over the coming months though, and have some great stuff planned! Really looking forward to growing this website and filling it with amazing content over the coming months!

My Kindle business has been consistent and has been typically earning me about $4000 per month. It’s not something I really focus on anymore though, but I’m on track for my $50,000 annual target.

This month I’ll be diving into dropshipping which I’m super excited about!! I’m ready for a new challenge and will actually be watching some training videos today. I signed up to www.dropshiplifestyle.com a while back, after hearing about a few people I know being quite successful with it. I’m really confident I’ll do well with this business model, and already have a niche picked. Hopefully I’ll have a store up and running within a few weeks!

Next up, Lifestyle/Personal Goals:

• Read 70+ Books
• Spend 5+ months overseas
• Go to Bali
Go to Koh Phangan, Thailand
• Go to Bangkok, Thailand
• Go to Chiang Mai, Thailand
• Go to Vietnam
• Buy a gold watch
• Get a Chrysler 300 SRT8

During February I didn’t read nearly as much as I would have liked. I only got through 3 books:
– The art of war by Sun Tzu
– The 10X rule by Grand Cardone (read this before, but I love it! I recommend the audiobook version)
– The magic of thinking big by David J. Schwartz

So that bring the total books read for 2016 up to 6 out of 70!

I spent a lot of time in the past month getting ready for my trip, and on the 25th of February I left Melbourne! I’m currently on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand and am living in a $400 a month room on the beach! That’s one more goal off of the list.
Check out a tour of my room in the video below!

The other travel goals will be achieved over the next few months. I’ll be staying on Koh Phangan for at least a month before I move on.

Now, I don’t know about you but my goals tend to grow, change, and adapt over time. This month I added 2 new goals that I’d like to achieve. Here they are:

New goal number 1: Become conversational in Russian
I have always been fascinated by other languages and want to become multi-lingual. The languages I most want to learn are Italian, Spanish, and Russian. Russian is the hardest, but I have a couple of Russian friends who have already taught me the basics. One of my friends also wants to learn Russian, so we both decided to start together!

By the time I head back to Melbourne (approximately 5 months) I want to have reached a level where I can comfortably have a conversation with a native speaker. It’s a difficult language but so far I’m really enjoying it.
I’ve signed up to Russian Accelerator which I’m loving so far. It makes it super easy to remember words and phrases. If you’re interested in learning Russian, you can check it out by clicking HERE. They have a $1 trial as well, so there’s nothing to lose.
I’m also listening to Pimsleur Russian audios. These aren’t quite as good for learning the language but they are really helpful for pronunciation! I’ve been listening to a new audio lesson each day (sometimes the same one twice) and doing about 45 minutes of the Russian Accelerator. Overall, I’m spending 1.5+ hours a day practicing my Russian. It’s only been about 3 days of this regime so far and I’ve learned a ton already! It’s fun too! This is a goal I’m really excited about. Part of the beauty of earning passive income means I have the freedom to pursue these kinds of goals.

New Goal Number 2: Publish 12 books under my own name

After writing my first book about Kindle publishing (you can get it HERE for $0.99) I decided that I should continue publishing more! There’s a lot I want to talk about, and I can comfortably produce a 10,000 word book each month.
My goal is to publish a new book each month throughout the year. It’s also a great way to increase my following, and I actually really enjoy writing!
I just published my second book, Kindle Publishing Back-End Strategies. You can get it on Amazon HERE for just $0.99. It teaches some really advanced Kindle publishing strategies that will blow you away!

That’s it for my progress this month.
I’m decently happy with what I achieved, but there’s definitely room for improvement.
Now that I’m settled in my own place in Koh Phangan, I feel 100x more productive. I don’t know why, but when I’m abroad, I get a lot more done than when I’m at my home in Melbourne.

Expect March to be a much bigger month for me! Bring it on!

How have you been progressing towards your goals? Let me know!


Adrian Ingram

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  1. Good stuff mate. Would love to see you do a break down of your online income vs living expenses similar to Johnny FD’s income reports. Pretty much what you’re doing but with a little more detail.
    Even if you broke down in groups your kindle book top sellers, medium sellers, and lowest sellers and what (if anything) you can do or want to do to pick those book sales up. How many books do you have on KDP now? Cheers man.

    • Thanks mate, I’ll try and get into a little more detail in the next months for sure!
      I’ll be sure to detail my living expenses in each place I visit as well to give everyone a bit of an idea what the costs in each place are like.
      Right now I have over 150 books on KDP, but 80% of them are rubbish that I published before I knew what I was doing.
      I’m pretty tempted to remove the majority of them because they are in bad niches, and then start fresh with the ones that are in decent niches that I screwed up for whatever reason. Currently making around $4000 a month from just a handful of books, so the overall number gives kind of a false idea. I haven’t really been focusing on my books at all for several months, just letting the money come in passively, while I focus on some other projects.

      In the next few months however I’ll be doing a case study where I’ll be publishing several books (I’m thinking 5) and recording each step along the way. Just to show people what it takes to sell a book, and how much $ you can expect to make. Should give people more of an insight! Stay tuned!

  2. The case study sounds really good mate. Would definitely be interested in reading that.
    You’re definitely crushing it.
    Keep it up man.

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