Wow, we’re officially 2 months into 2017!
I started my travels this month, spending the first week of February in Chiang Mai, before moving to Pattaya for the remaining 3 weeks.
The week in Chiang Mai was pretty intense, with the Digital Nomad Summit and all of the other events and meetups going on. It’s safe to say I didn’t get too much work done in Chiang Mai, but I had a great time!

It took me a few days to get settled in Pattaya, find an apartment, and join a coworking space. So the first 10 days or so of February weren’t so productive for me.

I’m not sure exactly how much I’ve achieved this month, so let’s take a look at my goals and see exactly what progress I’ve been able to make!


Business & Finances

* Make $1500 + P/Month from Original Kindle Account
* Sell 2nd Kindle Account for $120,000+ by June
* Get 3rd Kindle Account to 25+ Books
* Make $3000+ P/Month from 3rd Kindle Account
* Set Up a Joint Kindle Account with My Sister
* Re-Launch Freedom Self Publishing
* Make $1250+ P/Month from Freedom Self Publishing
* Create a Niche Website
* Average 3%+ Average Monthly Returns Trading Forex
* Earn $180,000+ Net Profit for 2017

This month I decided it was time to further invest, and try to scale my Kindle business. Although I’ve been doing well financially the last few months, I realised that I’ve become complacent. I’ve not been pushing myself to grow at the rate I could, and have fallen into somewhat of a comfort zone.
To combat this, I decided to invest heavily into my Kindle business, and paid for an additional 16 books to be written this month! So, expenses are quite high this month compared to normal, but it should pay off over the next few months.

I haven’t actually looked at my sales figures until now, so this will be interesting to see how all of my Kindle accounts performed.

Here’s the breakdown of my income streams for the month:

Original Kindle Account = $1,196.26
Kindle Account Number 2 = $5,552.11
Kindle Account Number 3 = $3,081.88
Freedom Self Publishing Sales = $1,753.93

TOTAL REVENUE = $11,584.18
TOTAL EXPENSES = $4,125.48


Overall, my revenue was lower than January. But, it’s important to keep in mind that February has 3 less days than January does.
In January, my average daily revenue was $390.91
In February, my average daily revenue increased all the way up to $413.72, so that’s an extra $22.81 per day, or just under $700 extra each month when averaged out. Not bad!

My net profit was substantially lower though, due to paying for new books to be written. None of these new books were published however, meaning that the increased daily revenue isn’t solely because of the increased expenses this month, which is good!

A big key in increasing my daily revenue this month was the amount I made from my course, Freedom Self Publishing! Welcome to the 18 new members this month, I hope you’re all enjoying the course so far!

I will soon be updating at relaunching this course at a higher price, mostly likely $297. I currently do no serious marketing for the course, and so I believe that with an increased price tag, this course could bring me upwards of $3,000 per month.

As you can see, my Kindle books make the bulk of my income, and I have no interest in charging thousands of dollars for my course. The system works, and in my opinion is very under-priced currently.

In March I plan to publish a lot more books to my 3rd Kindle account, and hopefully that will increase my income even further over the coming months!

During February, I also began the process of listing my 2nd Kindle account for sale with Empire Flippers! It is currently being valued, and should be available for sale soon! I think it may take a while to sell, but hopefully it can attract the sales figure I’m aiming for!

In February I published 3 books to the joint account me and my sister are working on. I’m not including any of the expense or revenue figures from this account just yet. I’ll likely add that in when we’ve finished growing the account.

For the year so far, I’ve done almost $24,000 in revenue, and just under $19,000 in net profit. I’m fairly happy with this start to the year, though I have a lot of work ahead of me to hit my goal of profiting $180,000 in 2017!

Health & Fitness

* Thyroid 100% Healthy
* Dunk with 2 Hands
* 200KG 1RM Back Squat
* 220KG 1RM Deadlift
* 110KG 1RM Bench Press
* Weigh 84KG Or Less

In February I was able to stick to a good diet for the most part. For the first week in Chiang Mai, I definitely drank too much, and ate poorly.

Since being in Pattaya however, I’ve been cooking 90% of my own meals and have limited myself to only 3 beers for the entire 3 weeks. Not bad in my opinion!

I’ve also got to the gym 12 times in the 3 weeks of being in Pattaya, which I’m fairly happy with.

I’m making decent progress, and am feeling a lot stronger in my upper body lifts than I was at the start of February. I’m still comfortably under 84KG too, so no issues there!


* Travel 8+ Months
* Finish Russian Accelerator 2.0 Course by May
* Finish Russian Accelerator Fluency Course by May
* Finish Pimsleur Russian Course by May
* Speak Russian Near-Fluently
* 50+ New YouTube Videos
* 5,000 YouTube Subscribers
* Learn About SEO
* 48+ New Blog Posts
* Hit 5,000 Blog Visits in a Month
* 5,000 People on a Personal Email List
* Read 24 Books

Now, for the ‘other’ goals.

I’ve been travelling for 1 month now, so that’s 1/8 of that goal achieved.

I just signed up during February to Russian Accelerator 2.0 and also their Fluency course. There’s so much content, but I think I’ll be very close to finishing that by May! Same with the Pimsleur course. Right now it’s tough to balance work and other things like studying Russian and reading books. I can definitely do a better job with time management, though I’m decently happy with the amount I achieved in February.

I added an additional 2 videos in February to my YouTube Channel, bringing the total videos to 4 for the year. I did just get a new camera though, so I plan to be increasing the amount of video content I’ll be putting out. You can check out my YouTube channel by clicking HERE if you haven’t subscribed already!
My subscriber count is now at 1181, which is an increase of 96 new subscribers in February.

I do need to learn more about SEO and start implementing it on both my blog and my YouTube channel. I think that would help me grow my following a lot faster, though I’ve made no progress on that goal just yet.

I added 5 new blog posts for the month though which I’m very happy about! That’s 7 blog posts for the year so far!
I also had 1,158 people visit my blog for the month.

I read 2 more books during February, bringing the total books read for the year to 3. I’ve been making a lot more time for reading, and am really enjoying it!
The 2 books I read in February are:
The 50th Law
The Little Manual of Success

I really enjoyed the 50th law and highly recommend it to any entrepreneur. The Little Manual of Success is one that I read a couple of times per year. My sister gave it to me a few years ago, and it’s full of great advice. It’s a very quick read and I find it just helps me to stay focused on my goals, and moving in the right direction. I’d definitely recommend checking it out!

So, that basically sums up my progress for February!

It’s been a bit of a hectic month where I haven’t really been in a solid work routine the entire time, but I’m still fairly happy with what I’ve achieved.
I’ve made progress on most goals, albeit more slowly than I would have liked.

I’m looking forward to making March an even better month, so stay tuned!

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Thanks for reading!

Adrian Ingram

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