Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2016!
In my last post I reflected upon all of the ups and downs of 2015, what I’d learned and the progress I’d made.
Honestly, it was a really challenging year, but at the same time it was an amazing one.

Now, it’s time to look forward and welcome the new year and everything it brings.

A lot of people get really excited about the new year, and all of the ‘changes’ they’re going to make. Facebook gets filled with statuses talking about ‘New year, new me’, people will resolve to fix their diet, and the gym will be packed with new faces.
But, this doesn’t tend to last.

Studies have shown that most people give up on their resolutions within the first 3 weeks of the new year. I noticed this first hand when I worked in the fitness industry. People would be hitting the gym consistently for a few weeks, then they’d slowly start cheating on their diets and going to the gym less and less, until they either rarely worked out or stopped completely. Now this isn’t because they set bad goals, but rather because they forgot to follow a few key steps after the goal setting process. I’m not going to talk about how to set goals properly in this post, everyone’s heard that speech a million times. Rather I’m going to talk about how to actually stick to these goals until you see them achieved.

I think setting goals at the start of the year is great, and everyone sets these resolutions for a reason, but most people don’t achieve these goals. They give up way too early.

I think there’s a few reasons for this. If you want to actually follow through and achieve your goals for the new year, then follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Know your why
You have to have a good reason for wanting to achieve your goal. It must be compelling and powerful. It must motivate you deeply. If you want to lose weight just so you can look more attractive to women, you’ll give up on your diet soon enough. You’ll start telling yourself that you look fine, and that looks don’t really matter that much. You’ll tell yourself that having a cheat meal/day/week is okay, you’ve earned it! Soon enough the whole diet will be out the window and you’re back to square one.
Instead, if your ‘why’ to lose weight is so that you can play with your kids without puffing and panting. Or so that you can avoid developing the heart disease that affects your relative, or so that you can have more energy to actually achieve your other goals, then you’ll be more likely to follow through. These reasons for wanting to achieve your goal are deep and meaningful. They will keep you on track when you feel like straying. When you write down your goals, work out what the ‘why’ is for those goals and you’ll be way more likely to see them through!

Step 2: Make a plan
You need to make a sort of map for achieving your goals. You need to work out how to get from point A to point B. If you set out to drive somewhere you’ve never been, you’d look at a map first right? Setting out to head to the destination of your goals is no different.
Figure out what it will take to achieve your goal. If you want to lose 20kg, what are the required steps?
Obviously, these steps will involve increasing your level of exercise while improving your diet. A good plan to lose those 20kgs might be to:
– Exercise with weights 3 times per week
– Walk for at least 30 minutes per day
– Stick to a healthy diet
– Allow yourself only 1 cheat meal per week
– Prepare all of your meals for the week on a Sunday, making it less likely for you to cheat on your diet

Now you have a plan! Each week you can look at the action plan and ask yourself ‘Did I follow all of the steps in my plan this week?’
20kg can seem like a ton of weight to lose, but if you break it down into those small steps, it can be easily achieved in a year, if not a lot sooner!

Step 3: Stay Accountable
It’s a lot easier to give up on your goals if you’re not accountable. If you add accountability to your goals, you’ll be much less likely to give up on them.
A simple way to add accountability is to create a checklist. This is simply a checklist of things you need to do. You can make daily, weekly, monthly, checklists with the steps of your plan. Each morning you look at your checklist, and each night you tick it complete. Did you walk for 30 minutes today? Did you stick to your diet today?
This checklist may not sound like much, but it’s surprising how much holding yourself accountable can help.
You may also want to implement strategies so that other people hold you accountable, as well as yourself. This makes it WAY harder to cheat on your goal.
You can do this in a few ways:
– Tell other people about your goal and how you’re going to achieve it
– Join a support group of people aiming for a similar goal
– Get an accountability buddy. Have them hold you accountable to your progress and you to theirs.
– Join a mastermind group
– Get a personal trainer
– Put your goals on a blog (This website is a great tool to make me accountable)
Those are just a few simple ways to add accountability to your goals, and almost force you to stick to them!

So that’s it. Set your goals, know your ‘why’, make a plan, and add accountability. Most people stop at simply setting their goal and don’t follow the 3 important steps. Once you follow the steps, it can become harder to actually quit on your goals than to keep on pushing towards achieving them.


With all of that being said, now’s a good time for me to share my goals for 2016 and hold myself accountable on here.
I’m sure these goals will change and vary throughout the year, but that’s okay. Having the goals in place now and a vision for them will get me moving in the right direction. Here are the goals I’ve got so far:

Fitness Goals
• Squat 200kgs
• Deadlift 220kgs
• Bench Press 110kgs
• Dunk with 2 hands

• Launch Freedom Self Publishing course
• Reach 1000 YouTube subscribers
• Reach 50,000 Instagram followers
• Reach 100+ blog posts
• Reach 100+ YouTube videos
• Reach 1000+ Instagram posts
• Launch 2 Dropship stores
• Make $50,000+ from Kindle books while working on Kindle business fewer than 4 hours per week
• Reach $5000+ a month in profit from dropshipping stores
• Run a Kindle seminar/mastermind
• Increase income to $1000 a day

• Read 70+ Books
• Spend 5+ months overseas
• Go to Bali
• Go to Koh Phangan, Thailand
• Go to Bangkok, Thailand
• Go to Chiang Mai, Thailand
• Go to Vietnam
• Buy a gold watch
• Get a Chrysler 300 SRT8

Those are the goals I’ve set myself so far for 2016! Some of them may seem a long way off, and some will be achieved within the first month. But, they’re all goals that excite, have good enough ‘why’s’ behind them, and that I can break down into actionable steps.

If you haven’t sat down to set your goals yet, I urge you to do so. Let’s go into 2016 with drive and seriously make this year the best one yet!

Happy new year!

Adrian Ingram

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