How Working Out Can Improve Your Business

On this blog I talk about a few different things. I talk about the things that interest me, two of them being business and fitness.
These may seem like totally unrelated topics, but I think they have some great correlations. Not only that, I’m passionate about both areas, so that’s what I’m going to talk about on my website!

I’m a qualified personal trainer, and prior to quitting my job to work online, I worked in the fitness industry for 3 years.
At first, when someone who was a bit out of shape signed up to the gym I got kind of excited. I wanted to see some awesome transformation happen. I almost expected these transformations to happen at first.

But they rarely did.

Not because the gym was bad. The gym was great – it had awesome equipment, good trainers, and was an encouraging place to workout.
The reason these transformations didn’t occur often is because making a big change in your health requires a lot of discipline. Discipline that very few people bother to ever cultivate.

You need to have discipline to go to the gym 3-5 times per week over a period of several months. You need to be disciplined in eating healthy. You need to be disciplined in getting enough sleep to rest and recover. You need to have enough discipline to say no to the chocolate or alcohol that’s tempting you!

It takes a lot of discipline to do these things, and it’s required over a long-period of time.

The same thing goes for business.

Success in any business requires a huge amount of discipline. You must have early mornings and late nights. You can’t slack off. You need to be disciplined in making the phone calls, setting up meetings, following up with clients etc.
And you need to do these things, and more, consistently over a sustained amount of time before you experience any level of success.

Right about now it might be sounding pretty tough to stay fit and build a business.
But the good thing is, the more that you use your discipline, the stronger it gets!

This is where working out can help you be more successful in business, in your job, in whatever!
If you can get up early, and resist going back to bed. Even though it’s cold and you’re tired, and your body is already sore. If you can then go to the gym and get through a tough workout where you challenge and push yourself. At the end of that, you can look back and be proud.
You just pushed yourself through a really tough experience, and came out the other side of it stronger.
If that’s how you start your day, then the rest of your day will seem easy.
You’ve already proven to yourself how strong your willpower is, and witnessed what your capable of putting yourself through.
If you can survive the physical pain of that workout, then the pain of having to make a few phone calls to potential clients won’t seem that bad. The fear of rejection won’t seem that bad. You’ll have an easier time getting through each day, and getting past the challenges that you face.

And the longer you do this for, the stronger your discipline gets. It’s just like training any other muscle. You need to use it regularly, push it to the limits, and eventually it will grow and become stronger than before.

Another great thing about discipline is that if you use it often enough, it becomes a habit.
If you work out daily, it will be tough at first. But after a few weeks it will require less and less mental effort. This is a sign of your discipline getting stronger and new habits beginning to form. This is where results start to happen!

If you look at the most successful businesspeople, the vast majority of them workout.
Even if it’s a short workout in the morning, it gets their blood flowing, wakes them up, and prepares them for whatever the day may bring.

Billionaire Entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson lists exercise as his number 1 secret to productivity! The famous Entrepreneur often gets up at 6am to go for a run!

When I was living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I was working at a coworking space most of the time. This place was filled with entrepreneurs working away on their startups and online ventures.
The interesting thing I noticed was that about 95% of people working from the coworking space, also exercised regularly.

Not only that, but many of the ones who seemed to be most successful with their businesses actually did some form of martial arts as their exercise.
Martial arts not only involves you pushing yourself physically, but also mentally. You have to remember different moves, techniques, and you’re trying to physically fight a person who wants to hurt you.
To do that regularly requires bucket-loads of discipline!!

If you can do that daily, how simple is work going to be?
It’s going to be a breeze!

So, that’s the main reason I recommend exercising regularly for anyone who wants to be successful in business, or at their job.

But there is another reason, and that’s the health benefits it provides.

It may seem counterintuitive, but having a quick workout first thing in the morning actually helps you to be more energetic throughout the day.
When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, and gets the blood pumping!
You wake up, feel focused, and get a burst of long-lasting energy!

If you’re currently unfit, the benefits are two-fold.
Not only do you get this instant burst of energy, but as you lose the excess fat and build your fitness, your body will run more optimally. You’ll be less tired, more focused, and have more energy for your work.

I know they may seem like totally unrelated concepts, but building fitness is a key to building your business, your discipline, and your success.
I know that it’s been a key for me, and many others

Try it for yourself.

Try getting up 30 minutes earlier, just one day. Skip the morning coffee, and jump straight into a quick workout instead.
It doesn’t have to be intense, just as long as you get moving!

See how you feel throughout the rest of the day, how much more energy you have, how accomplished you feel, and how much easier the challenges of the day seem.

What do you have to lose?

All the best,

Adrian Ingram

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