How Much Does My New Kindle Account Make?

How Much Does My New Kindle Account Make?

Hey there!

Recently, I decided to do a bit of a Kindle case study.

I’ve been publishing books on Amazon Kindle for around 3 years now, and for the last 18 months it’s been my main source of income!

But after a while I got sick of it, and actually stopped publishing new books.
I took a full 8 months off of publishing new books, and simply let my money flow in passively.

I recently (2 months ago) decided to jump back into publishing again. It had been long enough, and I felt ready to start again.

I started a new account and published just 4 books to begin with.

The results have absolutely blown me away and far exceeded even my own expectations.

I get a lot of questions about whether it’s still possible to make money with Kindle, and if it’s possible to replace your income through selling books.

I decided I would share my results with you, and so I filmed a short video showing you inside my Kindle account.

Check out the video below to see just what happened!

If you’d like to learn about how I was able to get these kinds of results from selling just 4 books, and how you can do the same, then head to www.freedomselfpublishing.com to learn more!

Until next time!

Adrian Ingram

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