How To Pick A Profitable Kindle Book Niche Every Time

How To Pick A Profitable Kindle Book Niche Every Time

Are you currently publishing books on Kindle, or are you looking to get started?
If so, then you NEED to read this post! I’ve also created a more in-depth video version of this post, where I share my screen and show you how I find niches using the strategies in this post, along with a couple of bonus tips. Get access to it for free by following the link: http://www.drivenliving.com/niche-selection-3/

Niche selection is literally the most important part in the whole publishing process. This is the first step you take, and if you get it wrong, you simply will not make money.
The fact is, about 90% of people mess this step up. I made this mistake so many times when I first started publishing almost 3 years ago.
But, after lots of trial and error, I’ve figured out what make a niche profitable.

In this post, I’m going to share exactly what criteria make a niche profitable on Amazon Kindle! At the completion of this article, you’ll be ready to go to Amazon and choose a profitable niche, and start making passive income from selling ebooks!

As I mentioned, you can also check out the video version of this with bonus strategies by following the link: http://www.drivenliving.com/niche-selection-3/

When picking a perfect niche to publish on, I have 3 criteria:

Criteria #1 – The top 4 books have a best-selling rank of around 100,000 or better

Let’s say for example that you’re looking at the niche of ‘herb gardening’. When you type the main keyword for that niche (in this case it would be ‘herb gardening’) into the Kindle store on Amazon, you need to look at the first 4 books that show up in the search results.

When you click on a book, you’ll be taken to the sales page where you can read the description. If you scroll down the page about halfway, you will see a section call ‘Product Details’.
Here you will see a bit of different information, including the Best Seller Rank. This is basically a figure that tells us how well a particular book is selling. If a book has a BSR number of 10,000, that means that it is selling more copies than a book with a BSR of 30,000. The lower the number, the more books that are being sold!

I like for the top 4 books to have a BSR of 100,000 or better. If one of these books is slightly over 100,000, that’s okay – but ideally all 4 will be better than 100,000 BSR.

This shows us that there is high demand for this niche. We want to find a niche that customers are interested in, and this BSR is a key indicator. Never publish a book in a niche that does not meet this criteria.

I have just done the research on Amazon for the niche of Herb Gardening. The top 4 search results have BSR ranks of:
1. 127,542
2. 289,161
3. 494,388
4. 488,672 

Right away I can tell that niche is not a good one. There is simply not enough demand for me to make much money. At this point you should forget about that niche and move on to a new one!

Criteria #2 – Competitor’s books have less than 30 reviews each

The second criteria I have, requires looking at the competitors books.
Once again, we’ll be focusing on the top 4 search results.

I like to check that these books have less than 30-40 reviews per book. If they have more than 30 reviews, it will be pretty tough for us to compete with them, and outrank them in the search results.

If one of the 4 books has more than 30 – that’s okay!

But if all 4 have more than 30, then I would definitely give that niche a miss!

Criteria #3 – Competitor’s don’t have a large following

Before deciding on a niche, I like to check that the authors I’m competing against don’t have a large following.
I like to do a google search before publishing a book, just to make sure that the other authors in the niche don’t have a large online following, or are famous.

If they have a large following or are famous, they will be driving their own traffic to the book. We are looking for niches that will get organic traffic from people searching on Amazon.

Just because other people are selling lots of books in a particular niche, doesn’t mean that you will be able to. They may be getting those sales simply because their fans are being sent to their books. 9 time out of 10, those fans won’t be interested in your book as well – only the one they are originally being sent to!

If you follow those 3 criteria, you will almost certainly pick a profitable niche from the start! This process can take a little bit of time, but it really is the most vital step in the entire process.
If you would like access to my free video where I share some bonus tips for making this process even easier, head here: www.drivenliving.com/niche-selection-3

Good luck with your publishing endeavours, I hope you found this to be helpful!

Kind regards,

Adrian Ingram

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  1. Hi Adrian, In niche selection, what if one or two of the books are free and the rest of the book in top 4 are below 100,000 BSR? will you still consider this niche as profitable?

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