Wow, I can’t believe that January has already come and gone! It’s been a pretty crazy month, and I definitely wasn’t as productive as I could have been – but it’s been fun!

I spent most of the month at home in Melbourne, with a short trip away to a country town called Echuca in the middle of the month.
I finished the month by flying to Chiang Mai on the 31st, where I’m currently staying for the Digital Nomad Summit.

Well, without further adieu, let’s see what progress I made this month towards my new 2017 goals!


Business & Finances
* Make $1500 + P/Month from Original Kindle Account
* Sell 2nd Kindle Account for $120,000+ by June
* Get 3rd Kindle Account to 25+ Books
* Make $3000+ P/Month from 3rd Kindle Account
* Set Up a Joint Kindle Account with My Sister
* Re-Launch Freedom Self Publishing
* Make $1250+ P/Month from Freedom Self Publishing
* Create a Niche Website
* Average 3%+ Average Monthly Returns Trading Forex
* Earn $180,000+ Net Profit for 2017

Over the past couple of months my finances have really exploded, and I’ve experienced a lot of growth which is awesome. I haven’t checked all of my sales for the month until now, so it will be interesting to see if the trend has continued!

I’ve been working on getting my accounting records organised, and am almost ready to list my second account for sale. It needs to make $5000 or more each month in order for me to sell it for 6-figures.
I have also started another Kindle account with my sister, and we currently have our first 2 books published. We have 3 more written and ready to go, so that’s growing quickly. In January it still hasn’t broken even or had much in the way of sales yet, and so I won’t be including those costs or sales figures in this breakdown.

So, let’s see how I went financially for January.
Note, all figures are in AUD, based off of the current exchange rates.

Original Kindle Account = $1,491.80
Kindle Account Number 2 = $6,216.44
Kindle Account Number 3 = $3,717.95
Freedom Self Publishing Sales = $692.21

TOTAL REVENUE = $12,118.40



I missed my target of $1500 per month from my original account by just $8.20! Still, not a bad result. I was happy with the sales figures of the account #2 which I’ll be selling, and then the 3rd Kindle account did amazingly from just 6 books!

One of the book topics in the 3rd account was mentioned in the media at the start of the month, and that contributed to a lot of sales I wasn’t counting on or expecting. Still, all of the other books seem to be selling quite well! I hit my $3000 goal within the first month, so I think I might need to set my targets a little higher for this one! This account is looking really promising. I also added 2 new books to this account just before the end of the month, bringing the total to 8. Only 17 more to go to hit my goal there!

Unfortunately, it was a really slow month for my course, Freedom Self Publishing. I haven’t really marketed it at all for the month, so it’s still a nice extra source of practically passive income. I haven’t made any progress this month on getting it ready to re-launch. That will happen over the next couple of months though I think.

If what I made in January was my average for every month this year, I’d end up with a net profit of just over $137,000. That’s a bit short of my goal of 180K, but when I factor in the potential sale of a Kindle account, I think I’m definitely on track to hit it!

Health & Fitness
* Thyroid 100% Healthy
* Dunk with 2 Hands
* 200KG 1RM Back Squat
* 220KG 1RM Deadlift
* 110KG 1RM Bench Press
* Weigh 84KG Or Less

My diet was pretty average for January. Factoring in new years celebrations, left over food from the holidays, and playing up while I was away in Echuca – I definitely wasn’t as strict on myself as I should have been.

Still, I got the gym around 15 times for the month which wasn’t a bad effort. I’m feeling strong, and am actually lighter than I’ve been in years! Last time I weighed in I was down to just 82kg which I’m pretty happy with.

I did hurt my knee about halfway through the month though, and haven’t been able to squat or deadlift at all since. Hopefully I’ll be back training seriously on those lifts soon though!

* Travel 8+ Months
* Finish Russian Accelerator 2.0 Course by May
* Finish Russian Accelerator Fluency Course by May
* Finish Pimsleur Russian Course by May
* Speak Russian Near-Fluently
* 50+ New YouTube Videos
* 5,000 YouTube Subscribers
* Learn About SEO
* 48+ New Blog Posts
* Hit 5,000 Blog Visits in a Month
* 5,000 People on a Personal Email List
* Read 24 Books

This area of goals are actually really exciting to me. Most people set financial goals and health goals, but I think that learning and experiential goals are just as important.

I’ve just started working on my travel targets, saying goodbye to my family and heading off to Thailand. I don’t expect to return home until my 8 months are up, which is both scary and exciting at the same time! Right now I’m in Chiang Mai, but in a few days I’ll be heading down to Pattaya. If you’re interested on where I’m planning to visit this year, take a look at my travel plans by clicking HERE.

I didn’t spend much time at all working on Russian in January. I’m a bit angry with myself about that, because I definitely should have made time for it. I hope in February I can get back on track with those goals.
For YouTube, I added 2 videos for the month, and ended up with 1085 subscribers. I will be adding a lot more videos as I’m travelling though! If you’d like to take a look, you can check out my YouTube channel by clicking HERE.

I’ve not yet started to learn about SEO, and don’t plan on it for a while now. Right now I’m busy enough with Kindle!

For this blog, I added just 2 posts which is definitely less than what I should have. I sometimes struggle to know what to write about when I’m not travelling. Less seems to be going on unfortunately, and I just don’t get in the same creative moods. For the month, I had 1164 visitors to the site. That’s still a bit short of my 5,000 in a month goal, but slowly and steadily I hope to see this number increase as I post more, implement some SEO, and get featured on more places like The Huffington Post.

I read 1 book for the month, so now I’ve got 23 more to go. The book I read was Ultimate Alpha by Brandon Carter. If you’re interested, you can pick it up on Amazon by clicking HERE.

So, that pretty much covers it for the month of January. Now that I’m travelling I actually think I’ll be able to get in more of a solid routine and be a bit more productive. The next few days in Chiang Mai will be pretty social, but once I’m settled in Pattaya, it will be time to get a lot of work done!

Stay tuned, and if you haven’t already, don’t forget to follow me on the following:
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Until next time,

Adrian Ingram

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  1. Daaang these goals are awesome. I like how you put numbers on all your goals and hold yourself accountable. “Sell 2nd Kindle Account for $120,000+ by June” – oo killem’!

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