July 2016: Monthly Progress Report

July 2016: Monthly Progress Report

This month was a bit of a crazy one for me. This was really a vacation from my vacation.
After 4 and a half months of being away from home, I met up with my friend Alec in Phuket for a bit of time away from work for the both of us.

I left Chiang Mai on the 13th of July, and it was really tough to leave. After 3 months, Chiang Mai felt like home. I was settled, in a routine, and had a great group of friends around me. But, although it is tough to leave, I knew that by staying I would only be missing out on more experiences elsewhere – so I got on a plane and flew to Phuket to meet with Alec.

It was great to see him and we had only planned to spend 8 nights there. The first few days flew by and we decided that 8 nights was no way near enough.
I hadn’t booked any flights out of Phuket so I could stay as long as I liked. He simply pushed his flight back and we stayed 11 more nights at a new hotel.

We stayed in Patong for a total of 19 nights which is a super long time to be in Patong. It’s the crazy party area of Phuket, and it literally never sleeps. Bangla road was a 5-minute walk away and so was the beach.
We had both been there before, so we didn’t have many tourist activities on our to-do lists.

da boys

– A night out on Bangla Road –

Most days were simply spent by the pool, at the beach, eating great food, and then going out at night. We met a heap of cool people and partied way too much.

Obviously, I didn’t get a lot of work done this month…

However, I had a great break and am feeling more motivated than ever to smash it with my goals for the rest of this trip – and the rest of the year!

I’m going to change the format this month because of how little I actually did besides relaxing on a beach. I’ll instead give you a quick summary of what went on, and what I’m planning next!

So What Did I Actually Achieve?

For the first 13 days of July I was in Chiang Mai. I didn’t get to the gym during this time, and instead was focused on getting a bit of work done before leaving for my break.
In Phuket however I actually got back into the gym.
When I’m living in Melbourne I often train with my friend Alec, so we were both excited to get back in the gym together!
I probably went 10 times in the 19 days there, but the amount of food I ate and alcohol I drank most likely negated any benefits I gained from the gym.
Either way, it was nice to throw some weight around again!

I managed to put out a couple of YouTube videos, and only a couple of blog posts this month. I’d like to do more in future for sure.
Despite not putting out much content at all, my YouTube subscriber numbers went to 380! That’s an increase of 128 new subscribers for the month!

My goal of 1000 subscribers by the end of the year is looking quite do-able which I’m pumped about!
I much prefer YouTube to blogging, and I think I’ll be focusing on it a lot more compared to the blog side of things. I’m also looking at re-branding into more of a personal brand instead of Driven Living.
If you haven’t already, you can check out my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-CsitUAKiJQkTHsqjeW8IA

The main thing I did this month business-wise was re-launch my Kindle training course – Freedom Self Publishing
I changed the structure of the course, the sales page, and the price.

Since re-launching I’ve had a steady flow of new members sign up which I’m super pumped about! The Freedom Self Publishing community is slowly but surely growing. I also had a couple of members share their results with me this month. It’s awesome to see what I’m teaching start to provide them with results!
You can take a look at the training program here: www.freedomselfpublishing.com

I also had 4 new coaching clients for the month, 3 of them occurring in the last 10 days. It was tough to schedule people in while in Phuket, and I still have some more people waiting for me to be available. I really am starting to enjoy the Kindle coaching, and although it is trading my time for money, it’s great to see people get results from what I teach.

Despite this being my laziest month yet, I actually made the most this month out of any this year.

That’s the great thing about passive income business models like Kindle. You put in the work once, and it continues to build and grow even when you aren’t actively working on it.

My new Kindle account made me almost exactly $2000 AUD for the month from only 4 books! I will be building this account over the next few months and hope to hit 5-6K per month from it by the end of the year.
In the video below I share my screen and show you inside my account so you can have a look at the sales.

My original Kindle account made me around $2700 AUD for the month. I have a lot of bad books there, but without touching the account it consistently earns me between $2500 and $3500 each month after expenses.

I made approximately $265 AUD from coaching this month, and around $700 from sales of Freedom Self Publishing.

All in all, I made around $5600 for the month. My business expenses were very low since I wasn’t actively publishing or creating new books, and I had zero ad spend.

However, my living expenses were a lot higher.

19 nights in hotels only set me back approximately $400 (perks of sharing a room), but my food and alcohol costs really added up.
Honestly, I’ve got no idea how much I spent in total.
While still cheap compared to Australia, Phuket is expensive compared to Chiang Mai.

I also spent money on flights and accommodation.

I flew to Singapore on Monday the 1st of August and will be leaving on Thursday the 4th. On the Thursday I’ll be flying back into Thailand – to Ko Samui.
Flights to Ko Samui are expensive because it’s a private airport that only 2 airlines use, so basically they charge whatever they like.

From there I’ll be getting a boat across to Koh Phangan and staying for 5-6 weeks before returning back to Australia.

What’s Next?

I will be finishing the trip where I began, in beautiful Koh Phangan. I had planned to go to Vietnam for a while, but after extending my trip to stay in Phuket I was running out of time. I’d like to spend quite a while in Vietnam, and possibly do it with some friends.
For now, it’s time to get some work done before I leave!
After a couple of unfocused months, I am extremely motivated to get back into a routine in Koh Phangan.

Before returning home I want to be feeling fit and healthy, and have a whole lot more work done. Also I would like to improve on my Russian. This past month I have done almost zero Russian study. However, Phuket has a ridiculous amount of Russian tourists so I got to practice my speaking and listening a lot which really helped!

I have spent half of today planning out the rest of the year, re-writing goals and creating plans to achieve them. After a break I feel like I have more clarity than ever on where I am going, what I want, and what I need to do to achieve it.

I made around $5600 this month, but by January 2017 I aim to be hitting the $10,000 mark! I can see what I need to do to get there, and it’s just a matter of putting in the time.
I also want to be in great shape and feeling healthy once again. Lastly, I want to be much further along with my Russian abilities and be confident in holding a conversation for 5-10 minutes.

Things are looking up. A lazy month still yielded great results, so I’m excited to see what more I can achieve this year in 5 months of focused effort!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

Adrian Ingram

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