Quarter one of 2017 is now over!

I’m a little bit delayed in posting this, and have been focusing my time mostly on a couple of other key areas.

But, it’s time to look back and see exactly how I did for the month of March!

I started the month in Pattaya, before heading to Koh Lanta, then island hopping for a while, before flying back home to Melbourne!

It was a distracted month with a lot going on, so I’m really not sure how much I managed to achieve. If you take a look at my last post you’ll see that I’ve decided to narrow my focus from now on, and not spend too much time posting here or on YouTube. Instead I’ll be focusing on a few key areas, so I’ll be changing my goals a little bit for the rest of the year.

Anyway, let’s take a look at just how I did…


Business & Finances
* Make $1500 + P/Month from Original Kindle Account
* Get 3rd Kindle Account to 25+ Books
* Make $3000+ P/Month from 3rd Kindle Account
* Re-Launch Freedom Self Publishing
* Make $1250+ P/Month from Freedom Self Publishing
* Earn $180,000+ Net Profit for 2017

I was planning to sell my 2nd Kindle account this year, but that goal has been scrapped. After a lengthy (and frustrating) valuation process during which I dealt with 4 different employees, Empire Flippers told me that my business wasn’t old enough to sell, and that I would have to wait another 4+ months. That contradicted the information that they’d previously told me which was a bit frustrating, and the people I dealt with seemed like they didn’t really understand how Kindle works.

It’s not the normal type of business they sell so I do understand, and I know they do a great job of selling online businesses for the most part, but I’ll be just keeping the account for myself for the time being.

I’m in the process of re-making my Freedom Self Publishing course, and am hoping to tick that goal off early next month.

As far as my income goals, here’s how it broke down for the month (in AUD):

Freedom Self Publishing = $1,241

Kindle Account 1 = $1,604

Kindle Account 2 (18 books) = $5,897

Kindle Account 3 (11 books) = $4,576

Total Revenue = $13,318

Expenses = $581


March was my biggest month yet which I’m super happy with since I really didn’t work all that much. I was really pleased that my revenue from account #1 went up this month. At the start of the month I changed the prices of the best-selling books in that account by just $2, which overall resulted in an additional $408 more than what it made me last month!

This is the one account that is totally passive, as I don’t even set up promotions for these books anymore, and a lot of the books in it were published over 2 years ago!

If I didn’t publish any extra books or ever even log into my kindle accounts again, I’m certain that my income would drop. But I do wonder how long they will continue to earn money for and also how much. It’s very possible that in 5-10 years’ time, the books I currently have published right now could still be bringing in a few thousand each month. Book royalties are definitely a great source of passive income! Even though I’m a little bored of publishing books, I can’t deny that I chose a great method for earning an income online.

Health & Fitness
* Thyroid 100% Healthy
* Dunk with 2 Hands
* 200KG 1RM Back Squat
* 220KG 1RM Deadlift
* 110KG 1RM Bench Press
* Weigh 84KG Or Less

I started the month hitting the gym a lot, and being in a good routine in Pattaya where I was cooking most of my own food.
By the end of the month though, I had been island hopping, eating a lot of junk, and drinking.

I didn’t feel so great at the end of the month unfortunately, and I’m sure my lifting numbers would have suffered a bit.

I did set a new PR though on the bench press early this month whilst still in Pattaya, pressing 107.5KG for the first time ever!

You can see me hit that PR in my vlog below:

I’m looking forward to having a solid month back at the gym and eating well in Melbourne before I resume my travels!

* Travel 8+ Months
* Finish Russian Accelerator 2.0 Course
* Finish Russian Accelerator Fluency Course
* Finish Pimsleur Russian Course
* Speak Russian Near-Fluently

I’ve removed most of the goals from this area to focus on some key business goals, as well as my health goals.
I tend to be too multi-focused and never make great progress in any area – well at least not compared to what I could if I gave certain goals 100% of my attention.

I’ve now spent 2 months of 2017 overseas. I’m not sure if I’ll end up away for 8 in total, but I should at least hit the 7-month mark! Not bad either way.

I didn’t get much Russian study done in March unfortunately. I fear I may have actually regressed a little bit.

In May I’ll be in Russia, so practicing the language will be a huge focus of mine for April!

To Sum It Up

I really wasn’t all that happy with my progress for March, though I did have a great time. It was nice to relax, and I was fortunate that I still made a good amount of money, but I know I didn’t work as hard as I could have.
I definitely felt unmotivated at times, and slacked off when I shouldn’t have.

Refining my goals and narrowing my focus has me now feeling a lot more motivated, enthusiastic, and clear about how my days should look moving forward.

I’ve got one more month at home before hitting the road, which I’m aiming to make a very productive one. It will be much harder while travelling to get as much done, so in April it really will be ‘go’ time.

Thanks for reading, I hope your March went well and that your April goes even better!



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  1. Hey Adrian, been followiny your blog for a while. No updates now for a year. Are you planning any more. Are you still in business as a digital nomad

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