May 2016: Monthly Progress Report

May 2016: Monthly Progress Report

May is officially over!
This year is really flying, and so is this trip. I’ve been in Chiang Mai for almost 2 months now but it feels like 2 weeks! Crazy!

I’ve been spinning a lot of different plates and working on a lot of different projects. I’ve been having fun, but am not too sure exactly how much progress I’ve made.
Let’s take a look…

To begin, let’s start with my goals and then I’ll break down my expenses.


Fitness Goals
• Squat 200kgs
• Deadlift 220kgs
• Bench Press 110KG
• Dunk with 2 hands

I’ve been really consistent this month with the gym which I’m stoked about!
It’s really my first month of working out consistently since I started travelling.

I got to the gym just under 20 times this month which is a good number, but I’d like to hit 20+ for June. Nonetheless, it’s been good to get back into the gym consistently and I’m feeling good!
I’ve also done a handful of short ab workouts first thing in the morning. I probably did that around 10 times during May which I really enjoy. Doing it first thing in the morning wakes you up, and gets you feeling energetic and pumped up for the day ahead.

My recovery time from my leg workouts has been slow, but I’ve slightly increased my weights over the month. In the most recent workout I was squatting 5×5 at 135KG and am aiming to get a good bar speed.
If I’m consistent with my program and progressively overloading, I should hit the 200kg max by the years end I am sure!
I haven’t focused on heavy deadlifts, as I like to focus on primarily a squat or deadlift only and right now it’s squat time! The only deadlifts I’ve been doing are Romanian deads which are great for strengthening your hamstrings.
I feel like both the squat and deadlift are progressing, or at least getting back to where I was when I was training consistently!

I feel that I’ve made the most progress with my bench press goal. I’m a slow gainer with chest compared to the other lifts, but I’ve been pushing it hard.
I’ve increased my weights and have most recently been doing 5×5 dumbell bench press with 75lb (34kg) dumbells. Happy with the progress so far, and think I could probably push out a 95-100kg max bench right now.
Once again, this is a long-term goal that I’m confident I’ll hit by the end of the year. Consistency is key.

I have no idea how the vertical jump is progressing. My gym has no plyometric boxes and I haven’t done any actual jumping. I might start adding in the occasional basic plyometric workout to make sure I’m not slipping backwards. At the moment I’m focused on strength, but the occasional plyometric workout (3-4 per month) would probably be a good idea right now.

Business/Financial Goals

Launch Freedom Self Publishing
• Reach 1000 YouTube subscribers
• Reach 50,000 Instagram followers
• Reach 100+ blog posts
• Reach 100+ YouTube videos
• Reach 1000+ Instagram posts
• Launch 2 Dropship stores
• Make $50,000+ from Kindle books while working on Kindle business fewer than 4 hours per week
• Reach $5000+ a month in profit from dropshipping stores
• Run a Kindle seminar/mastermind
• Increase income to $1000 a day
* Publish 12 books under my own name
* NEW GOAL – Publish 20+ books under a new account

Freedom self publishing has been steadily going, but I am getting ready for a re-launch. I first released it at the start of March and have been happy with it – but I’d like to build more of a community.
I’ll soon be re-launching with a new structure for the course that should really help to build a powerful community! I’m looking really forward to where this course is by the end of the year! I hope to have a large community of people killing it with kindle who can help each other out and succeed together. I really evaluated where this course is going recently, and am feeling really motivated to make it HUGE!
If you’d like to start making money online and aren’t sure where to start, I would recommend Kindle publishing. Check out the course here to learn how to get started: www.freedomselfpublishing.com

Freedom Self Publishing [Transparent BG]

At the end of April I was at 52 videos. During May my YouTube account was suspended for over a week (click HERE to find out why), but I managed to get it back! I was still able to upload 11 new videos, bringing the total to 63!
At the start of the month I had 89 subscribers. I wanted to reach 125 subscribers by the end of the month, but I smashed that target and now have 140!
That’s 51 new subscribers for the month which I’m absolutely stoked about!
If you aren’t subscribed already, check out my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-CsitUAKiJQkTHsqjeW8IA/videos

Let’s see if I can hit 200 subscribers by the end of June!

This month I managed to post 6 new blog posts which is a number I’m happy with. I think 6 quality posts per month is a good number. That brings the total posts up to 39. 71 more to go for the year to hit that target!

I have barely touched Instagram this month. I’ve been focused on finding quality followers and connecting with them. For me, Instagram doesn’t do that. People follow thousands of others on Instagram and rarely build a deep relationship with them.
For my brand I much prefer focusing on YouTube. I have so many more followers on Instagram than I do on YouTube, yet they don’t bring me any real return.
I only posted 6 times this month, and my followers are at 4317 which is a slight drop from last month, but nothing drastic.
In June I’ll try and average a post a day, but it’s really not something I’m focusing on as much as other areas of my business.
If you’d like to check out my Instagram, you can do so here: https://www.instagram.com/driven.living/

As far as dropshipping goes, I’ve had an interesting month!
I had one big supplier I wanted to lock in, but they’ve been messing around way too much and I don’t think they’re serious.
I decided to find a bunch of new suppliers and call them!
I found 4 new big suppliers to call, and I’ve actually been given an opportunity to potentially private label my own products. I’ve teamed up with a mate from my Masttermind group, and we’re looking at really stirring up the industry!
Looks like I could be skipping dropshipping and moving straight to private labelling!
Not 100% sure where this is going, but it could be huge! Click HERE to check out my dropshipping progress videos!

Once back in Australia (August/September most likely) I’ll look at setting up my second store with my sister. Stay tuned!

Unfortunately, my existing Kindle account dropped in it’s income this month. I’m not 100% sure why. There’s so many books there, and not many of them are great quality, so the income can fluctuate a lot.
Still, it’s enough to live on. The net profit will be around $2,500 – $3,000 for the month.
I literally spent about 2 hours this month on it though, so I’m definitely not complaining.
From this one account alone, I doubt I’ll make $50,000 for the year. But, as you’ll find out in a minute, I have a new goal that will help me to hit that magical 50K number!

The Kindle seminar is a bit of a goal that I’m not 100% set on, but it would be nice. This would be something I’d look into when Freedom Self Publishing is more established and I am back down under!

I’ve decided to scrap the goal of publishing 12 books under my own name. I’ve published 2 that you can get here:
Kindle Publishing

Kindle Publishing – The Backend

I may publish another couple of books this year under my own name, but I’d rather make them good quality and on things I feel like writing about, rather than forcing myself to push out 10 more books that might be mediocre.

Now, for the new goal!
After 9 months of taking a break from Kindle publishing, I’ve opened up a new KDP account! I was really sick of publishing, and needed a break. I decided to start again and just publish 4 books under a new account and film the whole process to show people what is possible with Kindle (this will be coming soon!)
And the strange thing is, I’ve really been enjoying it!

This time around I know what I’m doing with publishing. In fact, I think that teaching other people how to publish has refined my skills further.
I know that if I publish a book – there is a very high chance that it will be profitable!
My new goal is to publish 20+ books under this new account by the end of the year.
I’d love to get the income of this new account to be at least $2000+ per month by the end of the year. Currently, I have 2 books published out of 20, and have another 2 ready to go! Looking forward to smashing this goal, and creating a new Kindle business where I do everything the right way. Stay tuned for the 4 book case study to see exactly how I publish and make money from my books!

Lifestyle/Personal Goals
* Read 70+ Books
• Spend 5+ months overseas
• Go to Bali
* Go to Koh Phangan, Thailand
• Go to Bangkok, Thailand
• Go to Chiang Mai, Thailand
• Go to Vietnam
• Buy a gold watch
• Get a Chrysler 300 SRT8
• Become conversational in Russian

Once again, I didn’t read as much as I wanted to this month, though I did try to read for at least 20 minutes most days!
It’s slowly becoming a habit and something that I’m making time for.
I don’t think I actually finished a book this month, but I’ve read parts of about 4 books.
I always get distracted by new books, but hopefully in June I’ll be able to finish some of the ones I’ve started!
70 books is a very big target and I’m not sure I’ll even get close. Once I’m back in Australia I’d like to take some time away from actively working so much. I’d like to spend a few months working on my health, resting up, and learning. I’d love to stay inside and read a ton, plus go through a bunch of courses and really learn a lot for a few months before 2017 starts!

I’ve been overseas for 3 months this trip so far, plus I spent 2 weeks in January overseas in Bali. So, I’m at 3.5 months overseas right now!
I’m looking at coming home in either late August or late September! I will most likely spend 6+ months of this year overseas. While I haven’t travelled to too many different places, I’ve loved being in Thailand and escaping winter back at home!

So far this year I’ve been to Bali, Koh Phangan, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Chiang Mai. I’ll be heading to Pai this weekend, and then to Burma (only for about 1 hour) for a VISA run.
I’ll be heading to Phuket to meet a friend in mid July, and then I plan to go to Vietnam, so a lot more travelling is on its way!


Being out here and travelling does obviously cost. My income has been low this month, despite working a lot. Nonetheless, it’s enough to live out here, have fun, and travel around nearby cities and countries! It’s so much fun and it’s an amazing lifestyle. Obviously I do want to earn a lot more money, but right now it’s great to be able to live this lifestyle and really experience life!

A gold watch and a Chrysler 300 SRT8 are bot nice things I’d love to get, but who knows if it will happen. I think a gold watch is much more likely.
If I’m going to be spending 6+ months of every year overseas, having an expensive car isn’t the smartest move.

My Russian has definitely improved again this month which is great!
The grammar is getting tough, but I took a few days off doing new lessons and reviewed everything which has helped.

I’ve finished 8 out of 18 units of the Russian Accelerator Course. I really recommend this course if you want to learn Russian! I’m part way through the 9th unit, and hope to have finished unit 11 or 12 by the end of June. I don’t want to force it and would rather take it slower and review what I’ve learned so I remember it all.
By the time I come back to Australia in either late August or late September I should have completed the entire 18 unit course!
I listened to around 15 Pimsleur audios. So far I’ve listened to 37 out of 90. I want to get through 20 more during June!
These aren’t as great for learning as the Russian Accelerator program, but I do find them helpful for listening practice.
I also have a ton of flashcards with words on them that I learn in the Russian Accelerator program. I have been trying to read these flashcards every day and test myself.

I am aiming to spend about 1.5 hours per day on Russian study. Yes, that does take away time from working on business goals, but I love it. I don’t want to be one dimensional, and having goals on a variety of areas is awesome. By the time I get back to Australia I should be able to hold some decent conversations, and by the end of the year should be doing really well! After a total of 10 months’ study (start of 2017) I will feel comfortable talking to a native speaker which is amazing! Russian is one of the most difficult languages as well. I wonder how many languages I’ll be able to speak by 30!
If you’ve never tried to learn another language, I highly recommend it. It’s a useful skill, is fun, and it improves how your brain works and functions.

Anyway, that’s it for the goals progress for May. Not a bad month, slow but steady progress once again.

Now it’s time for the expenses!


Total expenses = 25,880 BAHT

That equates to:
AUD = $996
USD = $725
GBP = 500

There may have been a couple of extra expenses I’ve forgotten about, and I obviously have business expenses but in this area I’d just like to share the living costs out here.
I’m very happy for my living costs for the month to be around $1000AUD which is amazing for the quality of life I’m living out here!

– Check out a tour of my apartment here in the video below –

You really don’t need to earn a whole lot to live a good life out here.

That’s it for the month of May.
Now, it’s time to do some goal setting for the upcoming month, and make it the best month yet!

How did you go this month and what are your goals for June?

Thanks for reading!

Adrian Ingram

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