My Business Plans For 2016 and Beyond!

My business plans for 2016 and beyond!


Hey there!

If you’re anything like me, your goals change… a lot!
it’s not that I don’t stick to my goals, or that I give up on them or anything – it’s that they evolve. They grow. They change. They develop.

The more that I learn, and the more opportunities that I’m presented with, the more my goals change. I discover new things that I want to do, and better ways of doing the things I already had my eyes set on.

Another thing that plays a role is that nothing ever goes to plan. Well, rarely.
If you’re planning out all of the things you want to do/achieve for the year, the odds are that it won’t all go exactly to plan.

For example, I’m travelling right now. I had planned to go from Bangkok to Vietnam to Chiang Mai. In the end, I went from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur to Chiang Mai and will head to Vietnam at a later date. Plans change. Priorities change. And occasionally that means going to a place you never planned to (not a bad thing), or doing stuff you didn’t plan on doing.

For me, the same thing happens with business. At the start of the year, I set out certain business goals that I wanted to achieve. While these are still mostly in place, I have some new ideas also, and the time-frames that I’ll attack each one of these goals has changed too. I believe that goal-setting is a constant, fluid activity. You need to be reviewing and adjusting your goals regularly to be making sure that you’re actually progressing, and also that you’re enjoying what you do.

So, with all of that said it’s on to the meat and potatoes of what this post is all about! As follows are my business plans for 2016 and beyond. Some goals are rough, some I am dead-set on, and most will probably change. But nonetheless, here they are:


This is something that I decided on very recently, and will be working on a lot this month. If you don’t know, Freedom Self Publishing is my training course where I teach people how to make money with Kindle Publishing.
This is the main method I used to be able to build up a side income, grow it to a full-time income, quit my job, and travel while I work. It has changed my life, and this course shares EVERYTHING that I have learned about publishing so that you can learn from my mistakes, and fast-track the process!

The actual content of the course won’t be changing. It’s fresh, new, and was only released at the start of March this year.
What will be changing however, is the pricing structure and membership structure of the course. I can’t divulge exactly what the changes I am going to make will be, but they will be revealed soon enough when I re-launch.
The reason for this change is that I want to build a big community within Freedom Self Publishing. I want to have a large number of highly motivated people, all helping each other achieve success. Right now, I do have a private members Facebook group where this kind of networking occurs, but the number of members in this area is quite low.
With the re-structuring of the course I will be able to greatly increase the membership area, and be able to provide way more value to the members!

I’m really excited about this change, and it’s really going to help people to succeed with my method of Kindle publishing.
As I said, I can’t tell you exactly what I’ll be changing yet – but just know that the price will be increasing. So if you want to get access while it’s still ridiculously cheap, sign up today at www.freedomselfpublishing.com and start learning how you can make money online selling books – with absolutely zero writing experience or skills necessary!

Freedom Self Publishing [Transparent BG]


Most people that follow me on this blog or on my YouTube (Click HERE to check out my channel – you know you want to!) will know that Kindle Publishing is my bread and butter.
It’s what got me started with making passive income online, and it still provides the majority of my income. I’ve worked on publishing for over 2 years and have over 150 different ebooks currently published.
It took me a long time to work out a good publishing process, and unfortunately now, 80-90% of my portfolio of books suck!
I spent a lot of time, money, and energy learning. But oh, learn I did!

Once I figured out what to do to make consistent money with Kindle – I scaled and started absolutely killing it!
I got up to making over $200 passively per day, but I wasn’t enjoying it.
I’d been publishing for so long, and after 150 books, it gets kind of repetitive!
I also started having some health problems. I was burnt out, and my health was declining fast. My energy and motivation was terribly low, and so I decided to step back from publishing. I still kept my portfolio of books, but I haven’t published anything new in almost 8 months now!

My books have made me money that entire time. Yes, I did get lazy for a while, and they aren’t quite making me $200 per day like they used to, but it’s still well over $100 net profit per day, completely passively, in just 1 hour (or less) of work per week!

Now, all of that to say….drumroll please…. I’m going to start publishing again!!
This month I’ll be publishing 4 new books as part of a Kindle case study. I’m filming the whole process, just to show people that it’s still possible to make good money with Kindle.
I’ve been enjoying it so much that I’ve actually done a niche research, and plan to release 20-30 books this year, all under a new KDP account.
I had seriously lost all motivation for publishing and had almost come to resent it. It was boring. I needed something new and fresh.
But after a long break away from publishing, I’m feeling revitalised, passionate, and super motivated to start crushing it with Kindle once again!

I know what I’m doing this time around, and while I don’t like to project any figures because anything can happen with Kindle, I’d like to grow this KDP account to $3000+ per month passive income by the end of the year.
Maybe I’ll eventually sell off one of my Kindle accounts – who knows!
For now, it’s fun again so I’m going to absolutely crush it!


As you may know, I’ve been working on a new dropshipping business! This is a totally new type of business for me, and I chose to do it simply because I wanted a new, fun, challenge! I really value taking on fun challenges. If I don’t enjoy it, I probably won’t put in the effort required – so this is key for me!
I know several people who dropshipping has worked for, so I thought ‘screw it, let’s do it’.

I signed up to Dropship Lifestyle a while back, but have only recently been through the course. (Review coming soon)
I’ve been making good progress, and am almost ready to launch. I am just on the verge of locking in one final supplier and I’m good to go! If you’re interested in learning more about my experience with dropshipping, you can read my blog post about it HERE, or follow along with my video series HERE where I update you on my progress and what I’ve learned each week.

The plan for this business from here on is as follows:
– Lock in final supplier
– Upload products
– Launch website
– Start driving traffic
– Optimize product listing and website layout
– Optimize again and again and again
– Automate by hiring someone to handle customer service
– Possibly sell

If I can make $1000+ per month from this business, I’ll be happy. The potential could be there to make a lot more though! I don’t particularly want to be running an e-commerce store for the long-term, so selling it somewhere down the line is definitely a prospect I will consider if it is successful.
If the store doesn’t work, I’ll probably just start a new one! The system to create a store is simple enough, it’s just a matter of finding the right niche and you can create a real business from this in no time!

For now, this challenge is a fun one! I set up a regular meetup for people in Chiang Mai who are doing dropshipping (Join the Chiang Mai Dropshippers FB Group HERE) and we hav met 3 times so far.
It’s been great to get around like-minded people who are focused on doing the same thing you are. Thanks to this meetup, 4 of us (All Aussies) decided to create a mastermind group! We help each other, keep each other accountable, and make sure that we’re all moving forward together. With that kind of support, I’m certain that we’ll all do well, so right now this is a business I am super excited for!


What? More dropshipping?

Yup, you read correctly!

This is a project I plan to crack into in 2-3 months time. This particular niche will be a much smaller store of high priced products, and I expect I will only be selling a small range of 5-10 items.
This is a cutting edge niche, and an area that I think has HUGE growth potential in the Australian and worldwide market over the next 10 years.
The particular niche is one that requires quite a bit of technical knowledge to do well. I do not possess this knowledge, but luckily, it’s my sister’s area of expertise!
So, we’re both going to team up for this project and see what we can achieve!

We’ll be using a slightly different method than taught in the Dropship Lifestyle Course, but I see a lot of potential.
This is a niche where we could possibly look into private labelling our own product in the future – so this one could be really big!
To begin with I’m not sure what to expect with this one. A little bit of extra money here and there would be nice, but I’m not getting hung up on achieving a certain number!
It will be cool to try and work with my sister as well. She’s got a couple of computer science degrees so it’s safe to say that our website will look very, very nice!


While related to my Freedom Self Publishing course, Kindle coaching is sort of it’s own business.
I launched Kindle coaching a few weeks back. You can have a look at the different packages I offer by clicking HERE.
I’ve had a couple of clients so far and it’s been fine.

However, I think I will be changing up the structure. I’ll be testing different coaching packages and will be deciding soon on what changes I’d like to make.
I do like helping people with Kindle, and coaching certainly does that – but I don’t like trading my time for money.
I’m leaning towards offering coaching in only single sessions. If someone wants a second or third session, they will simply be able to pay for them when the time comes.
I’ll also likely be increasing the price as demand increases. I don’t want to be spending all of my time taking calls, so increasing the price incrementally will be the way to go.
If you’re considering coaching, get in now before the price increases.


Yes, I’m finally going to get into Amazon FBA. Well, I’m planning to at least.
This is a business model that I have looked into A LOT!
If you don’t know what Amazon FBA is – it stands for fulfilment by Amazon.
Essentially I would be purchasing a product in bulk, sending it to an Amazon fulfilment centre, putting the product information up on Amazon, and selling the product.

I already have lots of experience with Amazon and know the system well. I have a team of virtual assistants that can manage my listing, and get me hundreds of reviews as needed. I was really tempted to get into this earlier, and have even been through a bunch of training on it.

However, I wanted to build something away from Amazon before I started with FBA. I already have a Kindle publishing business and a Kindle Training course. I wanted a new challenge away from Amazon and also wanted to protect myself. If Amazon decided they didn’t like me anymore, I wouldn’t want all my proverbial eggs to be in Amazon’s basket if you catch my drift. For now, I want to work on dropshipping for a bit before I give this a crack!

Another reason I haven’t started with this is because I want to put a lot of money into it to start. You can start with as little as $2000 or so, but a lot of people run out of inventory and this can hurt. I would like to put $10,000+ into this to start and really grow rapidly. The more you put in, the faster you grow.

This business model does cost a bit to do correctly and rapidly, but the potential is huge! There are people selling their Amazon FBA businesses for over a million dollars, and others making hundreds to thousands of dollars net profit per day from just a couple of products alone.
If you get this business right, you can do very, very well!

I’m super excited to try this and think I have a great chance of doing very well with it. This is something I’ll likely try to get into towards the end of the year (read: October-ish) when I have my other businesses running passively for the most part, and am making a bit more cash. I already have a couple of products in mind that I’d like to sell, and have been through some training, so the learning curve should be small.

Stay tuned for this one, I think it could be very big for me in 2017!!


This one isn’t so much of an actual plan, as it is an idea that I’ve been toying with for the past 5+ years.
Before I discovered business, fitness was my first love. It was my passion. It was pretty much all I thought about, and all I thought I would do with my life.
If I couldn’t be a professional athlete, I was going to train them.
When I was 13 years old I was researching online about how to jump higher (I was really into basketball) and began learning about strength training and plyometrics.
In my spare time I was reading about training methods, supplements, theories, anatomy, diet, and pretty much anything else related to health, fitness, and performance.

I was obsessed with this industry from a young age, and even was accepted into university to study Sports Science. I ended up changing to a Commerce degree, but before I did that I completed my certificate 3 and 4 in fitness, and became a qualified personal trainer.

Straight out of high school I worked at a gym, and loved it. But, I loved working for myself even more and so I quit.
Nonetheless I still read a lot about fitness, am at the gym 5-6 days per week, and am always testing new training programs, techniques, theories, etc.
I really love it.

I’ve always said that my ideal business would involve both my passions – business and fitness.

I’ve toyed with the idea of creating some sort of fitness course, and a range of meal plans, amongst other information. However, I never knew how I would market this kind of thing. For me, I focused on money to begin with and so I gravitated to things like Kindle and eBay.

I’ve also been worried about the competition out there and that it may be too saturated.

But now, I’ve got several projects in the work and my income continues to grow. The best thing is, the income is passive. That means I can work on a project such as this one without worrying about receiving a certain dollar figure return within a particular time frame.
I can simply focus on making it great, and providing quality resources and information.
I also know a lot more about marketing online now, and I think that I’m quite ready to take on a challenge like this.

The main thing that has made me bring this idea back up lately is that I’ve been seeing some absolutely shocking information being sold out there.
Just yesterday my friend send me through a ‘meal plan’ he had purchased from a personal trainer at his gym for $60.
It was an absolute joke. I put ‘meal plan’ in quotation marks because it barely qualifies as one.
It was a one-page document, with very vague instructions. No recipes, and no calorie count. There was a count of macronutrient content of each meal (Fat, Carbs, Protein) but it was totally off. Way, way off!

There was no logic behind the plan, and it looked like it had been written by a 15 year old in 5 minutes.
The trainer even suggested energy drinks such as red bull to be a suitable ‘snack food’, and told my friend to go crazy once a week and eat as much pizza as possible to ‘shock his system’.
This plan for sold for $60, by a personal trainer at one of Australia’s biggest fitness chains.


-How this guy probably got his qualification-

This kind of shit really gets me frustrated, but it shows me that there’s an opportunity here.

Every man and his dog is becoming a personal trainer, and it’s becoming easier and easier to do so. Yes, the industry is saturated, but it’s saturated mostly with a bunch of plebs who seem to have gotten their qualification out of a cereal box. There are even people with no qualifications at all selling this kind of information.

It’s unethical, misleading, irresponsible, and straight up dangerous!

This section of the post has been a bit of a rant, but damn – I can’t believe people are getting away with this.
I think the time is almost right for me to make this dream a reality.

If I do still choose to undertake this (massive) project, I’ll be doing it in 2017.
I’m not sure how I’d like to structure it, whether I’d be the face of the company, or I’d hire other trainers, or perhaps a mixture of both.
I suppose I’ll work all that out at a later date. For now, I know there’s a big market for quality information, of which there seems to be very little. There’s also not a lot of people in this industry with the internet marketing experience that I have.

If you have any experience in this field, any suggestions for how I should structure this kind of course or website, or any feedback about experiences you’ve had with the fitness industry – then please leave me a comment below!

To Sum It All Up

This blog post has been a monster. Over 3000 words in total – wow.
A lot of it was ranting and raving, but hopefully it came across that I’m passionate about all of these projects.
At the start of this year I had 1 income stream – Kindle publishing.
I’ve already grown that to 3 streams, with a 4th on the way. As they say, many small streams make a river!

But, it’s not all about the money. The main thing for me is that I enjoy what I do. These projects are challenges for me. They keep me stimulated, focused, energetic, and getting up before 6am every morning! I don’t have to get up that early. I don’t have to work. But, I want to.

That’s how work should be.

If you’re currently stuck in a job you hate, in a routine that sucks, and feeling down and out about your situation. Do something about it.
It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.
Do you really want to spend the next 50 years of your life working on something you aren’t passionate about?

Fuck that

Put in the work, start something on the side, and build something that you can truly be proud of.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long-ass post, I hope you enjoyed it, and perhaps got a few ideas from it.

Stay tuned – big things are coming.

Adrian Ingram

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  1. Hi Adrian,

    Great post, I had a good laugh at the dude on the ball with the barbell !

    A couple of things resonated with me in your post, first the one about things that people get away with when they claim to be an “expert” and write some crap and charge for it. When I am doing research into possible kindle niches and find a good one, I started reading the intro’s to the best sellers in the niche. I could find things in the first few pages where I would think to myself “I can do better than that” Usually formatting stuff, eg – not leaving spaces between paragraphs, bad layout for TOC, Chapter headings – just simple stuff. (Ok, I am a bit anal in that department, also a spelling nazi lol). Anyway, suffice to say, this motivates me to produce a better product, which is good.

    On the fitness trainer side, funnily enough I used to share a house with a fitness trainer, he is a trainer at various gold coast gyms etc. His FB page is https://www.facebook.com/The-Fitness-Guru-Gold-Coast-1503820899860270/?fref=ts his name is Jason Nickolls. He is a qualified trainer as far as I know, he may be of some interest to you.

    Ok, cheers mate, hope to catch up sometime in CM.

    Andy Turner.

  2. Hey Adrian,
    really enjoyed your post, you have a very clear and open style of communication and I can hear the passion and dedication loud and clear! That’s a pretty awesome set of goals and ambitions and hope you smash it like you’re planning to. I’m also heading to chiang mai would be great to cross paths there.

    • Thanks mate!
      Yeah definitely, let me know when you’re headed here.

  3. Awesome blog post man. I have seen a few of your vids and creating a business that I could work from home would be awesome. I need to spend some time on my health and fitness and spending a few hours a day in the morning before even contemplating work just does not fit the normal 9-5 drivel that most of us are stuck in. I suffer from type II diabetes and the only thing that helps is fitness, which suits me fine because I’m a gym pig from way back.

    Creating a successful Kindle business would be great. The freedom to work your own hours and fit necessary stuff like fitness in would be terrific. It’s great to see you have achieved it so young.

    I also studied a Commerce degree and I have an entrepreneurial streak that gets suffocated in the 9-5 hum drum. Plus there is an INSANE amount of morons in senior and middle management out there; people who have no clue how to run and manage a business properly. Sadly, they tend to fail upwardly, ruining others along the way. Even more reason to get out and get my own gig going.

    Thank you for explaining things so well. Hope 2016 and 2017 is good for you and you make tonnes.

    By the way. If you are not already doing it you can turn your Kindle books into courses and sell them on Udemy and do very well. Worth checking out!

    • Hey Matt,
      Thanks for taking the time to read the post and watch some of my videos – much appreciated!
      I’ve looked into the Udemy idea recently. Maybe it will be something I’ll try out in the next few months!

      All the best with the diabetes and getting to the gym! Sounds like you’re motivated!
      If you’re wanting to get into Kindle Publishing, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.


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