The Big Plan for 2016 – Part 1

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, and planning out what I’d like this year to look like.
I’ve set a lot of goals for this year, and that’s a great start – but I really find it a lot better if I write down and map out how I’m planning on achieving as many of those as I can.

Without this map, I’d get lost, lose track, and it would be a much slower journey.

So, this post will be all about my plans for 2016 (well, the first 6-7 months at least).
I can only really see that far ahead, and naturally I’m sure that my goals will change as I grow and develop, and different opportunities arise.

For January, I’ve been off to a great start and have already headed to Bali and have made great progress towards getting Freedom Self Publishing ready and available. For the rest of the month I’ll be putting the majority of my focus towards finishing the Kindle course, and getting it available. I’ve put together all of the content, it’s just a matter of making the website look nicer, be functional, and get it approved by ClickBank. These are all totally foreign things to me, so it’s a slow process. I’m definitely not a website designer, but I figure if I can do it by myself once, then next time it will be 100 x easier.

February is when I plan on launching Freedom Self Publishing. I’m super excited about this, even though I’m not expecting a massive amount of sales initially – that’s okay. That just means I’ll be able to give more of my time to the initial members and make sure that they can hit the ground running with their Kindle businesses. I’m aiming to launch this course Mid-Feb. (Head to www.freedomselfpublishing.com to sign up to be notified when it’s available)
I’ll also have a weekend away for a friends birthday around the same time which will be fun, but I’m expecting this to be a hectic time, so hopefully I can keep the stress levels down.

Towards the end of Feb (25th or so) I’ll be starting my big travels for the year! Woop!!
The current plan is to head to Koh Phangan in Thailand for 1 month (Beautiful island where the full moon party is), then head to Saigon in Vietnam for a month, then back to Thailand again to Chiang Mai for most likely 3 full months!

I’ve done the maths on what the whole expedition will cost me and I was amazed to see that for everything (all flights, accommodation, food, coworking space, gym, bike, etc) it will only set me back around $8000AUD for the whole trip! At the current conversion rate that’s only $5600USD for all of you Americans out there!
Obviously this is a rough estimate, and doesn’t take into account any extracurricular activity or alcohol – it’s still amazingly cheap for the essentials.
This has inspired me to write a blog post about why it may be cheaper to travel and work than to stay in your home city (blog post coming soon!).

While I’m on this trip, it won’t be all fun and games! Everyone who I tell that I’m going says something along the lines of ‘Oh, you’re going on another holiday?’
No, it will be a lot of work. But, I will be doing it in paradise, and my spare time will be spent meeting new people, seeing beautiful sights, exploring, and relaxing on a beach.

That’s the beauty of working online.

Koh Phangan
A beach in Koh Phangan where I will start my travels

Now, enough daydreaming about lying on a beach all day sipping coconuts (Damn, it does sound good though), back to the plan!

For the first 2 months of travel in Koh Phangan and Saigon (March/April) I’m planning to work on building a dropship store!
This is something I heard about a lot when in Chiang Mai, and what really pushed me to try it out was reading my buddy Johnny FD’s blog. (check it out at www.johnnyfd.com)
Johnny has made a killing with dropshipping, and I decided to fork out about $1400AUD a few weeks ago to gain access to the dropshipping course he went through. I haven’t started yet, but the course looks great and there’s tons of success stories, so there’s no reason why I can’t be another one. Obviously I can’t recommend the course til I try it, but check out Johnny’s site – there’s so much info there about it!

During the first 2 months of working on dropshipping I’ll also be focusing on building the membership of my Freedom Self Publishing Kindle training course, helping the members, and adding new content.
My actual Kindle books currently take only around 2-3 hours of my time per week, and are almost 100% passive. If I wanted to focus more time on them I definitely could, but at this stage I’m happy to focus on other things and simply maintain that Kindle income rather than grow it substantially.
My portfolio of books is still making me enough passively to not only cover the entire trip, but to give me a couple of thousand dollars extra each month. So not only will I be paying for my trip with passive income, I’ll be turning a profit!

From what most people have said, 2 months is the typical amount of time it takes to get your dropshipping store up, functional, and making sales.
If I can achieve this, it will coincide perfectly with when I head to Chiang Mai (start of May). In Chiang Mai there are tons of people crushing it with dropshipping so I’m sure I can pick up some tips and improve my store from there.

Then, it looks like I’ll have 3 months in Chiang Mai (May/June/July), with some short weekend trips peppered in to places like Pai and maybe Bangkok.
When I arrive in Chiang Mai I want to have my Kindle books continuing to sell passively, Freedom Self Publishing to be growing and improving, and to have my dropshipping store making some sales.
Then I’ll have 3 months to improve my dropship store, and also work on at least 1 new project! I’m thinking this should be a 2nd dropship store, possibly in the USA since my first one will be based in Australia. If both stores are in the same niche I have the potential to build a global brand, and expand an existing business. This isn’t something I’ve really seen done by dropshippers but to me it makes logical sense as an Australian to expand the existing business into the US market.
If I have time, I’ll also give some serious thought to selling physical products on Amazon. I could sell similar products to my dropshipping stores, and it would simply be a new sales channel. I already know Amazon really well thanks to almost 3 years of Kindle publishing, and have done a lot of research into Amazon FBA (Amazon’s program for selling physical products) in the past, so I don’t think the learning curve would be too steep.

During all of this time I’ll be putting out new content on this blog, and also on my YouTube channel!

Then, at the end of July I’ll be making my way back to Australia – at least for a little while.
That’s as far as I can really predict or plan right now, who knows what new opportunities will arise, or what ideas I’ll have.

So, this is my 2016 plan – part 1. Lot’s of travel, and at the end of it I should have:
– Kindle still passively making me money
Freedom Self Publishing running successfully and constantly growing
– 1 Australian dropship store
– A second dropship store (potentially selling in the US)
– Possibly be making a start with Amazon FBA
– Driven Living brand (blog & YouTube) having grown substantially

Big plans, but it all sounds pretty amazing to me!
Lot’s of work, lot’s of challenges, but a ton of fun to be had also!

But since nothing usually goes 100% to plan, who knows what exactly will unfold! In a few months’ time I’ll check back in again with the part 2 of my 2016 plans and we will see how things shaped up.

So, what are your big plans for 2016?

Adrian Ingram

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