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This is just a quick post to update you all on my travel plans (as they stand) for 2017! The plan is pretty flexible, and I’m kind of working it out as I go, but it should be one big adventure this year!

Let me know if you have any suggestions for things I need to do in each of the places I’m planning to go to!

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February 1st – April 30th = Thailand

As you may have realised, I love Thailand. I’m in Chiang Mai right now, it’s just after 9am and I’m sat in a café in shorts and a singlet, sipping on a delicious $2 coffee. It’s already 27 degrees outside and sunny… how could anyone hate this place?

I’ll be in Thailand for 3 months in total, starting with Chiang Mai. I arrived yesterday (the 31st of January) from Melbourne. It was tough saying goodbye to everyone knowing I’ll be away for so long – but the adventure must go on!

I’ll be in Chiang Mai for just one week for the Digital Nomad Summit. This is basically a big internet marketing conference, and there’s a HEAP of people in town for it. It should be an awesome week!

On the 7th of Feb, I’ll be heading down to Pattaya, Thailand. I’ve never been there before and I know it’s got a bit of a reputation. Recently though, I’ve met a lot of people who have had good things to say about it. I really do miss the beach, and don’t mind a bit of craziness – it keeps life interesting! I’ll be in Pattaya for 1-month or so. Here I plan on getting a lot of work done, going to the gym a lot, and getting some sunshine!

From Pattaya, I’ll be heading further south. I don’t know exact dates or places, but I’m planning on getting to Phuket, Koh Lanta, and Krabi, with short trips to places like Koh Phi Phi and James Bond Island. I doubt I’ll get to Koh Phangan this time (unfortunately) but who knows!

I may head back up North for April, but I’ll just play it by ear. This should be a fun few months of getting some work done, as well as relaxing and enjoying the beautiful Thai weather and relaxed lifestyle!

May 1st – June 30th = Russia, the UK, and…?

For the month of May, I’ll be hitting up Russia! It will be time to test out my Russian skills, experience a new culture, and catch up with some friends!
One of my best friends from Australia is living there at the moment, and should hopefully still be there when I arrive. From what he’s told me, it sounds like an awesome place.
I’d go sooner, but I seriously cannot stand the cold (right now it’s minus 15-degrees Celsius there) and think I’d probably freeze to death.

I’ve literally never been to the snow, and have no plans of doing so any time soon. Give me hot 35-degree weather any day!

I may be in Russia for longer than one month, but I doubt it will be anything longer than 6 weeks. From there, I will either be heading directly to the UK, or spend a week or 2 in Georgia. When I say Georgia, everyone usually thinks of America, but I’m talking about the small country just south of Russia.

It’s meant to be extremely cheap, have a great standard of living, full of friendly people, and has some of the best food in the world! They literally invented wine there, and almost all of their food has cheese in it. That’s my type of place!
If you’ve ever been to Tbilisi in Georgia, let me know what you thought of it. I’m still unsure if I’ll make it there yet, but it is sounding very enticing!

I’ll be meeting one of my best mates from Australia in June. Most likely we’ll be meeting in London around the 23rd or 24th. I may get to the UK a bit earlier than that though and do a couple of weeks of exploring on my own. I’d like to see England, Scotland, Wales, and then while I’m in the area visit a couple of friends over in Ireland!

Geographically it’s super small (compared to Australia) so it won’t be hard to move from place to place, but I know that there’s a heap of stuff to see! If I do end up there for a few weeks on my own, I think I’ll be moving around a lot!

July 1st – September? October? November?

Over the next few months (3 – 5 most likely) I’ll be going exploring more of the UK, and tearing up Europe with my mate!

Right now the plan is pretty wide open, but we have a rough idea of places we’d like to see. With Australian passports though, we’re only allowed to stay in most European countries for 90 days out of every 180. Some countries are exempt from this, but it definitely does restrict us a bit.

We’d like to hit up:
– Spain
– Portugal
– Germany (Oktoberfest oooh yeah!)
– Italy
– Greece
– Croatia (Sail Croatia trip)
– Amsterdam
– France

Ideally, we’d go everywhere. Right now though, those are the ones I think we will be making a priority.

I haven’t planned on it, but I may end up back in Thailand before the year is finished. I somehow always end up back here. It’s an awesome place that keeps on calling me name, so I won’t rule out the possibility of another month or two in the land of smiles.

So right now, that’s the rough plans I have for the year! I will be trying to do a lot of work whilst in Thailand and Russia, because I doubt I’ll get too much done when I’m jumping about Europe!

I’ll be trying to film a lot and use Instagram more during the trip.

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I hope your 2017 is a great year, and is full of travel and new adventures!

Until next time,

Adrian Ingram

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