Where to Work in Koh Phangan

Where to work in Koh Phangan

I’ve been living/working in Koh Phangan for almost a month now, and have tried working in a few different places so I thought that I’d write a quick post about the places I’ve found to go to get stuff done!

When I first got here I signed up for a monthly membership at a co-working space called KohSpace (www.kohspace.com) in the Ban Tai area. I signed up with the thought that it would be packed full of people and I’d meet a ton of other location independent entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, this wasn’t really the case.

The first few times I went I actually had the entire place to myself! I did eventually meet a couple of people there, but in hindsight I should have just paid for occasional 1 day passes instead of forking out 3900 baht (around $155AUD) for the month.
I’ve only used the membership a handful of times so it’s been quite wasted on me.

However, if you’re the kind of person who likes to work in silence then it could be great for you. It’s a really nice place and the internet speed is super fast (particularly upload). I could upload 10 minute YouTube videos in about 15 minutes, whereas at home in Melbourne it would take me 3-4 hours!

Most of the time I’ve worked from my room. The island has surprisingly good internet so that wasn’t an issue. I didn’t have a desk in my room so half of the time I was working on my bed, and the other half I was outside at a table with a beautiful view of the ocean! It’s nice in theory but in the middle of the day it gets way too hot for my laptop to last long outside. Either first thing in the morning, or 4pm onwards and it’s fine though.


My workspace outside of my room

The last option I’ve taken a look at is working from cafes. The café I’ve liked the best in Luna Café, also in the Ban Tai area. It’s really cool, made of old shipping containers, and the wifi is good! It’s sort of set up for people to work from and has some big tables that are perfect for a laptop. I’ve actually met more people working online in Luna café than I have in KohSpace. You can buy a coffee for around 60 baht and stay there for a few hours! They also sell food, and in essence you could work there and have food for less than a co-working space alone will cost you!

There are new co-working spaces popping up but KohSpace is probably the best known. I’ve heard of one opening up further North than the Ban Tai area that is on the beach.

I find the co-working spaces best to use in places with a larger expat or digital nomad community. In Koh Phangan there are way less of these people than I anticipated. The island is mainly full of backpackers who stay for 3-4 days at a time before moving onto another island. However, that could just be the time of year I chose to visit.
I use co-working spaces to meet other people that are doing similar things to me, so personally paying for a co-working space membership was not worthwhile for me.

However, KohSpace is a really nice place – the internet is great and there’s a free kitchen with a beautiful view of the ocean. They can also organise accommodation for you as well. If you like a quiet workspace with good internet then it could be amazing for you.

Next time I visit Koh Phangan I’ll be working from home, cafes, and I’ll just pay for the occasional day at a co-working space when I feel like mixing it up.

That’s my 2 cents on the best places to work here in Koh Phangan. If you do visit, then mix it up and try a bunch of different places. One of the best things about this lifestyle is that you can work from wherever you want, and change your office daily – so you may as well mix it up and take your laptop to some places with amazing views, take some #officeoftheday photos, and make everyone back at home jealous!

Until next time,

Adrian Ingram

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