Why You Should Quit Your Job & Move to S.E.A

Why you should quit your job and move to S.E.A

This could be a bit of a controversial post. I’m suggesting that you quit your job, and move to South East Asia to work online. And no, it’s not just because I’ve done it myself. It simply makes a lot of sense for your happiness, stress levels, business, and future for you to make the move. Let me explain.

Why should you make the move?

There are several reasons why I think you should do this, particularly if you’re young and in your 20’s like me.

Reason Number 1 – Improve your quality of living
Having a low cost of living allows you to improve the quality of your life. On an average western wage, you can live like a king out in South East Asia. Even on just $1000USD you can have a pretty amazing quality of life out here! You don’t need much to make it out here, and with just $1000 per month you could be living in a nice apartment, eating out at restaurants 21 times per week, getting a couple of massages per week, do a few activities here and there, have a gym membership, and rent a motorbike!
If I had to live off of $1000 per month back in Melbourne – I’d be living in a tent.

Reason Number 2 – Lower your stress levels and improve your health
Most of us have worked at jobs we don’t like at one point or another. That’s stressful. Doing day to day tasks like cooking, commuting to and from work, cleaning and doing laundry can all add unnecessary stress to your life. Not to mention the high costs of living that can cause you to feel financial stress. Extra stress is bad for your health, both physical and mental. It’s been proven to contribute to a range of diseases, or exacerbate the ones you may already have.
As previously mentioned you can easily eat out for 21 meals here (in most places this will actually be cheaper than cooking). If you’re working online then you’ll no longer have to commute to and from work. Most apartments are serviced and this means that someone will clean them for you each week. Laundry typically costs $3AUD to get 2kgs done here. Per person, you’ll rarely spend more than $6 a week paying someone to do your laundry, and not only do they wash your clothes – they fold them nicely in a bad for you also!

All of that frees up a lot of time, and reduces your stress levels a ton! It frees up time for you to go and get $5 massages, or take a walk along the beach. Pretty stressful stuff hey?

Reason Number 3 – Meet other like-minded people
One of my favourite things about being a location independent entrepreneur is all of the people I get to meet while travelling. At home in Melbourne, I only know one or two people making decent money online. In the places I visit I am normally surrounded by dozens, if not hundreds of people all working to make money online – some doing so very successfully.
Being in that kind of environment is super motivating, it’s great for learning new skills, networking, and if you ever get stuck with how to do something then don’t stress – there’s an expert living down the road.
Many places such as Chiang Mai hold regular meet-ups where people who work online can get together to discuss ideas. It’s so easy to make new friends, and learn new skills. They say you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with – there’s some pretty good people out in South East Asia to choose that 5 from. Don’t be afraid of travelling alone, you’ll seen meet people from all over the globe who are doing the same thing, and moving in the same direction as you!

Reason Number 4 – Grow your online business
South East Asia is an amazing place to grow your online business! Your cost of living out here is extremely low, giving you more capital to invest in your business to help it grow. This makes it a lot easier to scale your business or work on several projects at once.
Also as already mention, the community out here is great. If you get stuck with building a website, or want advice from someone who’s done what you’re trying to do, then you can probably find someone who’s happy to help with no problem. Lot’s of the time they’ll be working in the same co-working space as you, and are more than happy to lend you 5 minutes of their time to point you in the right direction.
Because you can outsource so much here (cooking, cleaning, laundry, no commute, etc.) you have a lot more time and also a lot more willpower that would have otherwise been spent on these menial tasks. That can be put towards working on your business. Time and willpower are two finite resources, so having more of them is priceless – especially when you’re trying to build a business!

Reason Number 5 – See Amazing Places
A lot of people work all year, take a 2-week holiday to place like Thailand, and then head back to work for another 12 months.
If you’re living out in South East Asia, particularly if you work online, then you can move every month if you feel like it.
There’s so many places to see close by and it’s really to travel from place to place!
You can get a flight from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh city for around $60AUD.
You’ll also need to do visa runs every few months which are basically forced vacations.
Tired of living in the mountains? Move to the beach! Tired of Thai food? Try Vietnam!
Nothing is stopping you out here.
Forget having a short holiday every year. Instead, live in paradise, move when you want, and really get to know a place and its culture. All for a lower price than you’ll pay to simply get by in a western country.

So when should you quit and make the move?

This question really is different to everyone and their situation. If you have a family, a mortgage, kids, credit card debt or personal loans, then it may take you a little longer before it’s viable for you to make the move.
However, if you’re young like me, with no family, debt, or any great number of responsibilities, then head over ASAP!

A lot of people wonder if they need to have some sort of online business up and running before making the move. I know a lot of people have saved up $10,000+, booked a ticket, and set up their first online business while over here. Now I would only recommend this if you’re a young guy like me, with no debt or big responsibilities. If things fail, you can always head back home.
However, if you have a family to look after, have bills to pay, and have little savings – it could definitely be irresponsible to make the move without any income coming in.

For most people I do recommend starting something online before quitting your job and making the move. Prove to yourself it can be done. As mentioned, you can comfortably live for under $1000USD per month. Within 3-4 months you can easily build an online business to that level. I’ve seen many people do it with both Kindle Publishing and also with dropshipping. Both methods are ones I would recommend to beginners, and the cost of entry to both is quite low.
Other methods are definitely viable, and there’s almost a limitless amount of ways you can make money online – but these two in my opinion are the most foolproof and beginner friendly.
As I said I do recommend starting a business before you head over, but if you’re young, have at least $10,000 in savings, and are determined to do whatever it takes to succeed then by all means – head on over here and start an online business here!

If you’d like to learn how to make money online so that you’re able to live this lifestyle, you can take a look at my Kindle training course here: www.freedomselfpublishing.com
If you’re interested in dropshipping, then I can recommend www.dropshiplifestyle.com which I am currently using right now to help start my first dropship store.

The life of your dreams is waiting, and for such a low price. If you’re currently working a job that you hate – find a way to make money online so you can quit. It’s not worth living the majority of your life miserable, all for the sake of money. Earn money online, head to South East Asia, and live like a king! It will take some effort, but trust me – it’s more than worth it!

All the best,

Adrian Ingram

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