Why You Should Start or Join a Mastermind

Why You Should Start or Join a Mastermind

Are you a part of a mastermind group?

Do you know what a mastermind is?

Are you looking for one?

This is a short post today, but I feel that masterminds are something I need to talk about! Let me explain to you what a mastermind is, how they work, and why you NEED to start or join one!

A mastermind is basically a private group of people working on a similar goal. They discuss their goals, help each other out, keep each other accountable, and push each other towards success.
If one member is stuck and doesn’t know something, the others can help.
If a member is being lazy and aren’t taking enough action, the others will hold them accountable and push them to do the required work.

For a long time I hesitated asking for help or joining one of these groups.
I don’t know if it’s just my proud personality, Australian culture, or perhaps a mixture of both – but I wanted to do it all on my own.
I wanted to be able to look back and say ‘I did that all on my own’.
I ended up doing okay by myself, but when I really started to excel was when I got around other like-minded people working on the same stuff as me.

There is no shame in looking for help. In fact, I guarantee you that every big success out there had help along the way. Nobody truly makes it all on their own. The sooner you look for help, the sooner you will succeed.

I never had an official organised Kindle mastermind, but I have regular chats with a handful of high-level, successful publishers. We share strategies, check in on each other’s progress, and push each other to do more. I’m recently returning to actively Kindle Publishing after about 9 months away from it. Having regular contact with these people has allowed me to stay at the forefront of Kindle, and be able to teach people the newest strategies.

If I was doing this all by myself, I’d be falling behind. Everyone brings something to the table, and we all have our own opinions, strategies, and techniques.


Recently, I joined my first ‘somewhat organised’ mastermind. This one was for dropshipping, and is comprised of 4 Australians. Although it’s dropshipping focused, what we talk about and work on really encompasses so much more. It’s business in general, plus life goals, aspirations, mindset, motivation, and more!

We are all also at different stages with our stores. None of us are ‘advanced’, but we’re getting there together. If one person has a problem or a question they need answered, chances are that one of the members knows the answer. We all bring something different to the table, and want each other to succeed. We know each other’s niches, business plans, and goals. That really helps us push each other to achieve more.

Thanks to this mastermind I was able to take up a massive opportunity that required me going to Sydney. Normally I wouldn’t be able to do that, but one of the members is living right near Sydney and was able to team up with me and help out by going to the meeting as my business partner! We want each other to succeed, and are passionate about making it happen. We’re young and hungry!

It doesn’t matter what your goal is. There will be days where you feel down and out, unmotivated, or ready to quit. It happens to everyone.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a business goal, a fitness goal, a relationship goal, or any other area of your life that you’re wanting to improve. We all have those ‘down’ days. It’s natural.

And that’s the biggest way that a mastermind helps. When you’re ready to quit, are procrastinating, feeling unmotivated, or like it’s hopeless, you can pick each other up. You can motivate, help, and strategize together. The goal of a mastermind is not a selfish one. You don’t join one because you want to succeed on your own – you join because you want everyone to succeed together!

Are you ready to join a mastermind yet? Not sure where to start?

It doesn’t have to be super formal or anything, but you might want to just start by reaching out to a few other people with similar goals.

For a fitness goal, this could be as simple as approaching a guy you always see at the gym and asking if they want to be training partners. I have a couple of training partners at home in Melbourne, and we force each other to go to gym. We can’t not go to the gym, because we’d be letting each other down. It’s just that little bit of extra motivation and accountability that takes you from achieving mediocre results to amazing results.

For a business goal, you could reach out to others in your industry, or get to know people through forums or Facebook groups.

If your working on a particular goal, you better believe that there are others out there that are working on the same thing! You’ll be surprised how many people are open to creating a mastermind and teaming up.

I would recommend checking in at least once a week. An organised skype call is a great idea. In the call you can discuss the progress you’ve made over the past week, and talk about your goals for the coming week.
You won’t want to get on the call and tell everyone else that you’ve been lazy and haven’t done anything all week. It’s that extra motivation and accountability that practically forces you to succeed!

I know of some people who even involve money to hold each other more accountable. For example, they will put $100 into a joint account. Every time the person doesn’t take enough action and achieve their goals, their accountability partner or other mastermind members will give that money away.
You don’t want to lose your money, and that will help to keep you even more accountable.

Willpower is a finite resource. You can only push yourself so far, no matter how motivated or driven you are. You will have a low day where you don’t feel like doing anything, particularly if it involves getting out of your comfort zone. That’s where the real power of a mastermind lies. You’ll be forced to do it!
Obviously, having other people to strategize with helps as well, but the accountability and motivation really is the biggest benefit in my opinion.

As I said, I used to want to do it all by myself. But, I’ve learned that the journey is not only easier with others, but also more enjoyable. Now I look for help with everything, and I offer to provide help whenever I can. I do this with fitness, Kindle, Dropshipping, business, and investing! Don’t be afraid to ask for help – it’s one of the best things you could ever do.

So whatever your goal is, I challenge you to find some other like-minded people working on a similar goal this week and start some sort of a mastermind with them. Don’t procrastinate, go get out there!!
I promise you that it will take you further than you could go on your own!

Until next time,

Adrian Ingram

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